↠Everything I Never Say

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Everything I Never Say

Deborah has been in love with Daniel ever since she was old enough to notice boys.

Having parents who are best friends with each other, Debbie and Daniel grow up spending every minute of their childhood together.

Until tragedy strikes one of the families, and everything begins to change; one of those changes being Daniel's attitude towards Debbie.

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Deborah fell in love with Daniel when they were just kids.

And Deborah doesn't know how to fall out.



↠ set in UK

↠ a lot of angst

↠ first person POV

↠ slightly unusual narrative style

↠ a book i tried writing when i was 14 but couldn't get around to completing because i never knew how the story would end


To you, who'll never know I wrote a novel with your name at the tip of my tongue as i typed each word

To me, for getting these words out even when each chapter broke my heart all over again

And to us, for what could've been but never was.



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September 29th 2018

↠ Finally made myself write the epilogue
November 03rd 2018

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the tiny infinity between
when I was 5 and you were plain annoying,
to when I was 10 and I found you cute,
to when I was 15 and you were more than just a boy,
to when I am 20 and beginning to realise its always been you.

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