Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

"Where are we headed to?" I asked.

"You didn't answer my question" Nathan kept looking at the road and once in a while he would turn around to look at me.

"You technically didn't answer my question either" I deadpanned.

"That's because you avoided my question"

"Ugh! You're impossible!"

"Likewise milady"

I still hadn't answered his question. I mean, it was obvious I didn't hate him. But I didn't like him either. Well in a romantic way anyways. I still had feelings for Kade despite what he told me. 

My thoughts were interrupted when I noticed where we were at.

Nathan brought me back to the lake that his grandfather had left to him. The same small dirt road didn't seem so bad now that we were in a car. He kept driving further in until we finally reached a secluded area filled with trees. There was a huge gate seem just a few feet away. 

"You're not planning to kill me are you?" I was suddenly feeling weary.

"No" he just chuckled.

"I swear Nathan if you try to do something to me, I'll scream" I said eying him closely.

"It's not like they'll be able to hear you" he said.

I huffed, and got off the car. "So what now?"

"Gosh Adrielle, you ask a lot of questions"

"Maybe if you answered them I wouldn't!"

"Follow me"

Before I could even get another word out of my mouth Nathan started walking towards the forest instead of the gated area.

We followed a small dirt trail that could barely be seen. We walked for five minutes tops until we stopped at this gigantic tree. My eyes casted upwards and saw the coolest tree house ever.

It camouflaged perfectly with all the different shades of green it was painted with.

Who would have guessed the bad boy liked tree houses. I smirked.

He must have notice my smirk for he quickly said, "Adrielle, if anyone finds out about this i'll make sure to ruin your reputation as well"

I laughed, "That's a pretty dumb threat. Come to think of it, wouldn't I be the first one to ruin yours?" my smirk widened when he noticed about what I was saying was true.

He didn't say anything after wards and instead took out a rope that was found behind the tree. When he pulled on it, a rope ladder tumbled down.

"Ladies first" he smirked.

So now he's playing gentleman?

I took the rope ladder from his hands and started climbing, that is until I heard a picture being snapped that I looked down and noticed Nathan taking a picture of no other than my butt.

No wonder he made me go first!

"You pervert!"

"Showing this to everyone is better than ruining your reputation doll" I swear his laugh could be heard hundreds of feet away. Jerk.

I had no other option than to keep climbing.

"Though, I never took you for the cheetah print type of girl"

"What are you talking about?"

"Your underwear"

My cheeks instantly heat up with embarrassment.

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