Chapter 31

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Previously: "What the f**k just happened?" Rin gasped, her eyes wide. She wrapped her arms around her trembling body. "What the f**k..." she repeated.

The number of problems in Asai Rin's life didn't just stop at the Kitsune.

Firstly, she still had Tatsuo and Kaoru to worry about. The silence from their side was highly unsettling; either both of them were miraculously dead due to Rin's constant prayers, or they were planning something big.

Secondly, there was the matter of Souji's first kill. If Rin thought the silence from Tatsuo's side was highly unsettling, she was wrong; the silence between the vice commander and the captain of the first unit was even more unsettling, as if there was a storm brewing between them that would explode any second and destroy everything in a 5 mile radius. 

Then, of course, there was Serizawa and his usual torture. When Ryonosuke wasn't in the picture  and was out running errands, he made Rin his play thing. It was mostly verbal abuse that he settled for, but it got on Rin's nerves nonetheless. Especially since he was the root cause between the internal rift between Souji and Hijikata. Rin supported Souji's ruthless resolve, but she despised the fact that it was Serizawa who gave him the opportunity to live by it.

Lastly, Rin hadn't slept in 2 weeks. She still feared the Kitsune taking over her like that night the book of the Asai Clan's records was ruined. She was certain the lack of sleep was effecting her performance. 

Heisuke confirmed this when Rin walked up to a tree next to him and started having a conversation with it.

Rin's movements had also become sluggish. She couldn't keep up with the training she'd been going through during the past few years. Her language had gotten more colorful and she was more irritable and short tempered than usual. 

When Sanosuke had ruffled her hair in a friendly manner after a spar, she nearly bit his hand off.

Every now and then, she would even tick slightly when there was some sort of an unexpected movement around her. 

Souji attempted to poke her cheek stealthily once. Her katana was out its sheath faster than she had ever taken it out.

All in all, Rin had become virtually inapproachable.

The girl sat there in her usual spot in the dining room, chewing the rice provided to the Roshigumi during breakfast. Her eyes were closed as she slowly chewed, lost in her own world. Slowly opening her eyes a bit, she stopped chewing. 

"Hmm?" Her eyes flew open as she looked around with confusion as an irritable frown settled on her face. She raised an eyebrow at everyone as she continued chewing, then swallowed. They all had their eyes trained on her, staring at her unusual behavior.

"What is it?" she growled. 

Immediately, everyone turned back to their food and hastily started eating. Rin, wanting answers, glared at the most vulnerable one in the room until he cracked. 

"AHH, I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE," Heisuke yelled, throwing his chopsticks onto his platter, startling everyone as they looked back up again. 

Shinpachi started praying for Heisuke under his breath.

Heisuke crawled up to Rin and grabbed her shoulders, much to everyone's surprise. "Rin-chan," Heisuke started as he shook the girl a bit. 

Rin shot Heisuke a death look and he immediately let go, but didn't back away from her.

"Rin-chan," he said again. "You've been acting really weird lately."

Rin blinked twice as she listened to what Heisuke had to say with a bored expression. 

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