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(THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK I EVER MADE so there will be typos and other things so don't point it out😜 also there's ALOTT of sex and sexual things so be aware.... Now enjoy)

You woke up feeling blinded by the bright sun, you groaned and rolled over hiding your face in the covers. remembering the amazing time you had last night with Grayson, the way he kissed you softly, how he left his love marks all over your body.

You was shot out of your day dream when you heard your familiar ringtone blaring from your kitchen. Snatching the blankets back you got up and walked to your kitchen noticing grayson calling you.

" Hello" you answered

" get up I need you to come in early today " Grayson demanded through the phone.

" I'm not supposed to come in till another few hours, I have a lunch date " you replied standing up for yourself.

" I didn't ask you y/n I told you, be here in an hour "

" whatever " you say rolling your eyes

You go to hang up but you hear Grayson yell out your name.

" what"

" loose the attitude princess, you know daddy don't put up with that shit here "

And with that he hung up.

You got dressed

Did you hair and makup and was walking out the door

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Did you hair and makup and was walking out the door. You stopped for a minute feeling like you forgot something, then you rememberd you was supposed to have a lunch date.

Feeling bad you dialed his number waiting to hear his rapsy voice.

" well hello there y/n, you ready for our date " he said with a little bit of excitement.

" yes about that Grayson called me and told me he needed me here asap so I have to reschedule, I'm so sorry "

" well that's okay, another time then? Bye y/n "

" yes of course, bye Ethan "

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