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Okay, so I hate to break it to you and anyone else who believes this, but Rick Riordan did *NOT* invent Greek Mythology. Anyone ever accusing someone of stealing Greek Mythology when "Riordan wrote it" really needs to take a moment to read a history book.

It's exactly the same regarding JK Rowling not inventing witches and wizards and Stephanie Meyer not inventing vampires. Sorry, neither of them invented these things either.

 But here's the thing...Did Riordan make a book regarding a human Apollo? Sure. But did he INVENT that idea? No. He plucked it from Greek Mythology. He did it when Zeus punished his son Apollo be taking away his immortal powers and sending him to be a servant to the king of Thessaly for nine years.

So did I take any idea from Riordan...? No. I took it from the myths. Just. Like. He. Did. So if anyone else feels they want to argue this with me, please read some actual Greek Mythology that isn't Percy Jackson and then get back to me.
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He was mortal.

The previous almighty lord of all things light was now...human?

It was impossible. Unfathomable. Unthinkable! And yet, Apollo could feel it was the truth deep within his bones. He could feel his absence of power; the lack of ability to transport himself anywhere. He could no longer feel light as a feather. His body was solid; made only of skin, blood, and tissue. There were no more magical properties to him anylonger. There was another odd revelation at hand; why was he in a field? It was a brilliantly sunny grassy plain. He had to adjust his mortal eyes to see clearly. The last Apollo had known, it was night. Now it seemed to be day time...?

Apollo shakily pulled himself up, ignoring the oddness regarding what time of day it was. His problems were much larger than losing a few hours. For all he knew hours had passed for the time it took him to fall all the way down from Olympus. Even though the fall should have killed him, Zeus obvious did not have death in mind as punishment. Apollo slowly started to walk forward, his legs as shaky as a newborn lamb. Glancing down at his hands, the former god saw nothing extraordinary. No flames flew from his hands signaling his anger; no light glowed from him based upon will power.

Even though he knew it was useless, Apollo willed his powers to transform himself into a bird to take flight. But nothing happened. No power came to him. He was still remarkably and uselessly human. "You foul beast of a king," breathed Apollo, his eyes glaring at the sky. "YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME!" he bellowed into the day time. "I WILL regain my immortality, this you already know, father! And when I do, you can believe my vengeance will be great!"

But nothing was said or done upon Apollo's snarling threat. Zeus did not reply, nor did he boom loud sounds of thunder in the distance. He ignored him entirely. That left Apollo feeling cold and alone; no one acknowledged him the longer he stood shouting at the sky. He already knew his father had a horrid temper on occasion, but never did Apollo believe he would transform him human. What was he supposed to do now with no powers and no magical instruments....? He could not be expected to live like this!

Apollo started vehemently cursing every foul word or enchantment he knew into the sky. He cursed so many profanities he was actually causing himself to become hoarse.

"Hey, MOTOR MOUTH!" An unfamiliar voice shouted nearby.

Apollo did not recognize the voice, but his head snapped up immediately at the hope his father had suddenly changed his mind. That was not the case; Zeus was not standing a few feet away, Apollo was naïve to assume such. Glancing backwards, Apollo found a man who hovered somewhere in his fifties was glaring at him. The man had a forest green Crestview Prep ball cap on. His jacket was a tacky varsity one that was two sizes too small. His black shorts and outdated sneakers were the only articles of clothing that seemed to fit the overweight man. A decent sized beer belly swelled from the man's torso.

"You got any idea what time it is, kid? Tryouts aren't until AFTER school!" the chubby man barked. Apollo started to look over his shoulder for the child this man was scolding. He could not find one. It was only when the fat man stalked forward and poked him in the shoulder did Apollo realize the man was, in fact, speaking to him. "I'm lookin' at you, Goldie locks!" he snapped.

"I beg your pardon...?"

"Get off my field or I'll be making you run laps instead of participating tonight!" the man snarled, whipping a sausage-like finger towards the direction of a building. Apollo squinted in the daylight to see a mass hoard of children seemed to be coming and going from the school. "Where the Styx am I?" he questioned aloud as he witnessed the children were, in fact, teenagers heading inside the building holding back packs. He quickly realized they were headed to school.

"Oh, you're that new kid, aren't you?" asked the fat man, scratching his head with one hand as he brandished a cell phone from his pocket with the other.

Apollo ignored him as he diverted his eyes back to the skies. There was no way his father Zeus was this heartless; he took away his immortality, yes, but there was no way he would leave him stranded among the mortals without at least giving him a guide of where to go!

"Apollo," said a new, very familiar voice.

Apollo's head cocked up to take note of the new arrival. Hermes stood off nearby, dressed oddly. He was wearing a crisp white shirt, tailored to perfection. He wore navy dress pants and an all navy blazer. A large crest stating Crestview Prep sat on the top left side of the blazer. Expensive looking loafers covered his feet. For once, Hermes' unruly dirty-blonde hair was styled neatly. "Sorry sir, my brother is new, he got lost," said Hermes at once, sending a polite smile towards the fat man.

The man turned his heated gaze onto Hermes, a scowl forming. "Well both of you need to get off my field this instant!" he barked. "If I have to tell ya again-"

"You won't," said Hermes calmly, waving his hand calmly. Immediately the foul tempered man blinked rapidly as if he forgot his thoughts. He turned around and walked away without anything else said.

"Thank the gods you're here, brother," breathed Apollo, shaking his head in dismay. "You will not believe what father has done to me!"

"Banished you from ever stepping foot onto Olympus again while simultaneously stripping away your immortality?" guessed Hermes with a frown.

"So you've heard," said Apollo curtly.

"Have I heard!? Brother, what has been done is the talk of the century!" Hermes cried before covering the top of his head with both hands. "News that father banished you is traveling faster than when Homer wrote the Odyssey!"

Apollo rolled his eyes. This did not surprise him. He had to admit even he would care greatly if someone else had this predicament thrust upon them. Hermes started babbling feverishly. Apollo moved to silence him with a spell to stop his tongue from moving. It was when moving his hand did nothing did he sickly remember he was powerless. "Silence," Apollo snapped angrily. "We have to move quick; I need that brat Aurora to fall in love with me as soon as possible." As Hermes watched him with wide eyes, Apollo elaborated quickly. "I fall back into father's good graces when I make the girl mine. What we need is Eros to shoot her with an arrow to make her love me-"

"Are you daft enough to believe Eros has any intention of ever helping you after the constant torture you have committed against Aphrodite?!" thundered a new feminine voice in interruption. Apollo closed his eyes tiredly. This voice belonged to the individual who was far worse -in his opinion- than his own mother in regards to judging. His sister Artemis had arrived. Instead of wearing her usual hunting attire or ever her goddess assemble of golden tunic and bracelets, Artemis wore ridiculous clothing similar to Hermes. Her clothes looked identical right down to the matching navy trousers. Why were they both wearing a ridiculous looking uniform?


"Ara," said Apollo calmly, noticing Artemis' eyes were changing color due to her rage. Somehow, thankfully, her manic shrieks were going unheard by the mortals considering they were so very far away from the football field.

"Do NOT Ara me!" she seethed, careful not to scream again where the human children on the other side of the football field could hear her. "What did you feel disrespecting father would grant you!? Never mind actually, I forget, your ego is probably reassuring you that move was utterly brilliant!"

"Like I was saying," said Apollo through gritted teeth as he turned back to Hermes. "We make that brat Aurora love me and then I'll regain my immortality."

To his deep surprise, Artemis laughed. Gone was her immediate rage. But as she laughed harder, it was quite evident that this was solely mocking laughter. Apollo frowned, perplexed at what she found to be humorous. "How would you propose we 'make her' love you, brother?" demanded his twin.


"Hates you," Artemis finished. Her dark brows narrowed.

"We have a combative friendship at best but Cupid respects me," said Apollo confidently.

"He's even said that he hates you," Hermes added in with a nod.

Apollo was indifferent as he straightened himself up. "I'm certain if we explain father's ridiculous punishment he'll side with me-"

"Aphrodite has made it abundantly clear no child or grandchild of hers will assist you in romancing the girl," interrupted Artemis coldly. "And father decreed that no love potion shall be given to you, or else."

"Or else what?" demanded Apollo.

"Anyone assisting you in wooing her shall face the same fate as you," said Hermes quietly. His hazel eyes did not meet Apollo's upon this declaration.

Their punishment was obvious. They would be turned human if they assisted him in gaining a love potion. He would never admit it, but if the price of helping someone was to face getting your immortality stripped from you, Apollo would not dare to even communicate with that soul. Artemis and Hermes were risking a lot simply conversing with him. "There has to be a loophole to this travesty," said Apollo hotly. "I am a god! Lord of the sun and light, and-"

"I am deeply surprised you were not made lord of pretentiousness," said Artemis coldly. "Even now you do not seem to grasp the utter importance of this situation, brother!"

"I feel I've grasped the damn situation just fine, sister!" snarled Apollo back as he flung his weak human arms over his head. "What do you wish of me? To scream and holler at the skies begging our dear father for mercy?!"

"That wouldn't be the worst idea," said Hermes wryly as a cold look from both Apollo and Artemis immediately silenced him. "I'm just saying..."

"You need to prove yourself worthy of immortality," concluded Artemis. "If that means marrying a mortal you do not wish to, so be it."

Apollo would have thrown a ball of flame at his sister out of annoyance had he still been capable of the action. "Have you not been listening?! Why else do you believe I say we need a potion to make the brat love me!?"

"No such thing will be given to you Apollon," said Artemis. "Magic is not an option."

"Eros is my solution," snapped Apollo. "One strike from his arrow and the girl with love me. She'll be begging me to marry her..."

"He will not help you, we already asked," intervened Hermes quietly.
Apollo's head snapped up to stare at his brother. "You lie. It matters for not if Aphrodite banned her children from helping; Eros does not always follow his mother's direction; look at his relationship with Psyche!"

"Our brother does not lie," said Artemis sadly. "Immediately after it was discovered what was done on to you, we rushed to find Eros. Not only did he laugh, he adamantly denied assisting you or us. He claims tis retribution to all the times you tormented Aphrodite."

"Damn them all to Tartarus," breathed Apollo. "What if one were to steal Cupid's bow...?"

A loud growl of thunder echoed far into the distance, causing the high school aged children to hurry inside. Hermes had looked to the direction that the noise came from as he frowned. He and Artemis seemed to be able to hear something that Apollo could not. "Father disallows that, too."

"No magic, no potions, no treachery," said Artemis. Her lapis blue orbs watched Apollo with heavy sorrow. "Do you finally grasp the seriousness of your predicament?"

Apollo could tell his twin desired him to be heartfelt. She expected him to fall onto bended knees and beg their father for forgiveness. But Apollo was never one to give in so easily. He would not fall onto his knees and beg a merciless god for mercy he was not capable of. No, instead, Apollo mentally vowed to fight to his last mortal breath to regain his place among the Olympians. Taking a deep breath, he glanced down at himself. Apollo frowned as he witnessed what it was he was actually wearing. Gone was his plated gold tunic. No more was he wearing body armor and golden bangles. His gladiator sandals were gone, and as he touched the top of his head, his laurel wreath was gone. Instead, Apollo was dressed in an eerily similar uniform. It was the exact same navy attire that Hermes and Artemis were wearing along with the teenage children.

"Why am I dressed like this?" demanded Apollo. His face paled as he looked worriedly at his sister. A sudden realization dawned upon him. Why would he be on the grounds of a high school? Why would he be dressed in a uniform similar to what the students were wearing if his quest was to woo Aurora? "Don't tell me; the girl attends this school," said Apollo blandly.

"This prep school," Hermes nodded thoughtfully. "And you're welcome. Thanks to me, you're exactly in the place you should be and wearing your proper attire."

"Father will have your head," Artemis smiled wickedly, gesturing to her own attire that Hermes obviously provided her as well. "His word clearly stated we shall not assist him in-"

"Wooing the girl," Hermes finished smugly. "Nowhere did dad say we can't assist him in how to be human." Artemis looked about to argue the point before Hermes interrupted her once more. "Neither of us will assist him in the romance department. All we're doing is assisting him is looking and acting like the little human he now is. If father has any objections, I suspect he'll be vocal about them."

To Apollo -and seemingly Artemis's- grand surprise, no thunder boomed, indicating Zeus did not appear to have a problem with anything Hermes had said. Personally, Apollo suspected Zeus held no qualms for anything Hermes did as of late considering he had a mortal affair going on that only Hermes was privy to. If Zeus did anything to test Hermes, he could not be certain Hera would not discover his infidelity. All proverbial hell would be let loose after that.

"Now what?" Artemis asked once she seemed satisfied her father held no qualms regarding she or Hermes fraternizing with a human Apollo.

"Well," said Hermes as he craned his neck to look at the school's entrance. "I reckon our brother better get a move on or he'll be late for his classes."

Apollo and Artemis shared a leveled look. "Classes??"

"Of course," answered Hermes mildly, brandishing an ugly brown satchel to hand Apollo. As he handed it off, Apollo near groaned by how heavy the bag laden with books now felt in his human form. How and why did people wish to torture human children like this every day?

"How else are you supposed to woo a girl if you're not situated in her everyday life?" Hermes shrugged.

Artemis blue eyes bulged as she took in her two brothers. "You are having our very mortal brother attend a school!? That's a far cry from having him talk to the girl before and after school while assuming they are classmates!"

"How would the girl find it believable they're classmates if she never actually sees him inside her school?" Hermes snapped in a tone that implied he felt Artemis was dim witted.

"HOW do YOU expect him to navigate through a high school while human?" demanded Artemis hotly.

Apollo scowled. He detested the idea of having to be around so many hormonal idiots, but, it was not a completely awful idea. "I'm no simpleton, sister. I can succeed in holding peers among these young morons just fine-"

"You are mortal now," said Artemis with wide eyes. "You are human, Apollon. Illness will plague you as well as injury. You could die from a common flu or even from someone beating you to a bloody pulp-"

Ignoring his worrying for nothing sister, Apollo turned back to Hermes and scowled. "Out of all the ridiculous punishments father could have given me," he seethed. "Acting as though I am a child? A CHILD?" Suddenly horrified as he though of having to woo Aurora while posing as a teenager, he looked to Artemis. "What does my face look like?? Is it peppered with pimples? Horribly disfigured to the point to one will look at me?!" But as he patted down his smooth cheeks and felt nothing abnormal, he did not feel convinced that Zeus would simply allow him to walk the earth with his godly good looks. He had to be hideous!

"No more than usual," replied Artemis wryly as she overlooked him.

"You look like your regular self," reassured Hermes, sending their sister a scowl.


"You can have your so-call 'godly good looks' in hand to woo Aurora," said Artemis with a roll of her eyes. "That seems to be the only part of yourself you can maintain."

Even though that was, in fact, good news to hear, that did not quash Apollo's feelings of dread. He was expected to pretend he was a child? The thought disgusted him. "The last time I pretended to be a high school student, I was a god. I cannot be expected to repeat high school as a lowly mortal!"

"Think about how those poor suckers feel," acknowledged Hermes as he nodded towards the teenagers still hurrying into the building. "Those kids attend school every day without magic or abilities and they thrive just fine-"

"I don't want to be like them," insisted Apollo with a scowl. "Positively ordinary and living off mere hope that I can woo the girl into loving me? This is RIDICULOUS!"

"I do not see any other options," said Artemis coldly. "Unless you desire to never regain immortality. Then by all means, please continue to wallow or walkaway from this task."

She was challenging him. Apollo sent his sister a leveled look as she watched him with arched eyebrows. Next, it was their brothers turn to challenge.
"I thought the great Apollon could gain any female he desired," noted Hermes with a raised brow as well. "Are you now saying this was a lie, brother...?"

Artemis grinned, no doubt recalling one of the many times Apollo had boasted such words. "Fine," said Apollo through gritted teeth. "I shall woo the little brat and make her my bride. Just watch."


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