Keira: Chapter 10

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I heard my room door opened and I didn't even blink. It closed again and I felt a weight next to me on the bed and a strong scent of lynx. I felt his hand rest ontop of mine and my eyes stayed fixed on this one spot in the pavement outside, I could feel the soreness and tiredness in my eyes from not blinking but I just couldn't bring myself to blink.

'Your auntie sent me up.' Marco said quietly and I kept silent. He sighed and wrapped both of his arms around me. It had only been 2 days since Rhianne... I couldn't even bring myself to say it. It killed me inside, my little sister that I'd given SO much up for, I'd spent most of my life trying to protect her, acting like a mother to her and all of a sudden she's gone? How is that fair?! I hadn't cried. I often just sat here on the edge of my bed staring out the window and hoping, praying that I was in one long horrible dream. This dream just seemed to carry on.

'Keira, I know you don't want to speak but you need to talk to someone, it won't help you.' He said and I still stayed silent. He sighed and turned my face to look at his, he looked straight into my eyes and frowned.

'You can cry you know, it's not a stupid thing to do.' I stared back at him and still, there was no prickle in my eyes, no blurryness... nothing. I couldn't physically cry. I was crying inside but it just wasn't coming out. His fingers traced my jawline as he held onto my face and looked straight into my eyes, this strange feeling started creeping over me as I looked back at him and he brought his face closer to mine.

'Let it out Keira.' He whispered on my lips and I kept thinking about it. Rhianne is dead. She's never coming back. After 2 long years of fighting, she didn't have any strength left to fight. I had to live my life for her as well as me, I couldn't give up. His nose lightly pressed against mine and without blinking a tear rolled down my cheek. I closed my eyes and I felt his lips against mine, another tear fell, followed by another and his lips stayed on mine. At first it just felt normal but then it changed, his tongue caressed mine and I held onto his shoulders. I pulled away after a while and he just looked back at me, and I looked away. How vunlerable can I get? I stood up and walked over to the open window, it was a hot day but I just couldn't face going outside. I heard Marco sigh as though he knew he'd done something wrong.

'Look, I'm sorry I shouldn't of done that it wasn't right.' No, how I felt when he did that wasn't right. I stayed silent and then turned back around and looked at him.

'I think you should go.' I said and he rolled his eyes standing up.

'I'm sorry Keira, I really am. I couldn't help it.' I looked back at him blankly and he looked upset but just as he was walking towards the door it opened and Ricardo was standing there. He looked Marco up and down and then at me.

'Who's this?'

'Marco, just leave please.' He kissed his teeth and pushed past Ricardo on his way out and Ricardo closed the door. I didn't want to speak to Ricardo so I had no idea why he was here, he opened his mouth and I held my hand up for him to be quiet.

'Whatever you have to say, save it. If you're gonna say sorry, fuck you. What is sorry really going to do Ricardo, it can't bring Rhianne back and it won't make a difference to what you did to me.' He ran his hands over his face and sighed.

'Keira, I swear I'm really sorry.' I shrugged and tried to walk past him but he held my arms and a tingly feeling ran through me. Oh fuck. I shook him off and walked downstairs, I knew he was behind me so I tried to go into the front room and shut the door but he blocked it and I kissed my teeth.

'LEAVE. ME. ALONE.' He was starting to piss me off and I was already going through enough.

'Keira! I'm sorry man, I shouldn't of rejected you like that and to be honest I was being a dick. You have every right to be angry at me but just hear me out yeah?' I sighed and sat down on the sofa. He stood infront of me and looked straight into my eyes.

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