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My mother had come home early and was able to cook dinner, while I stayed in the shower for hours, attempting to scrub every last bit of my body to relieve myself of the dirty feeling. After I felt clean, I got out if the shower and slipped into a baggy pair of pajamas, not wanting to give Jim a reason to stare at my body in a sexual way. By the time I entered the kitchen, my mom was placing the dinner on the table.

Jim sat in the living room, indulging in his drunken ways and the baseball game on the television. I sat down in my normal seat at the table and fumbled around with the necklace around my neck. It saddened me that my own mother, the woman who birthed me, couldn't see that something was wrong. My mom wasn't always like this, she used to be very assertive and strong, but ever since Jim moved in, she's been very weak. She works long hours in an office everyday to pay the bills and has to come to see her husband sitting on his ass, drinking.

Dinner was awkward and silent. Jim glared at my mother like she had done something wrong when in reality, she had only done what he had asked her to do, which was cook dinner. He always found reasons to be angry with me or my mother. It always made me wonder why he even came to live here if he was just going to be angry with us all the time. I was first to finish my dinner and didn't hesitate to hurry out of the kitchen and on up to my bedroom. I closed and locked the door and laid down on my bed.

I grabbed my phone and quickly dialed a number, my fathers number. My father left my mother and I when I was 4 years old. My mother had had enough of his lying and cheating and made him leave. My father and I were very close before he left, but once he was gone, I guess he forgot about me. My heart ached for days and as a young child, I was left to deal with the burden of not having a father. My mother was too distraught to comfort me, so I was forced to deal with it by myself. Since the day he left, I've called his cellphone number only when I was scared, and tonight, was the night I was terrified. My stomach turned as the phone continued to ring and as usual, no one answered.

Like I always did, I left a message in hopes that he would call back . . .

"Hey daddy. ." I sniffled into the phone. "It's Savannah, you know, your only daughter. I haven't seen you since I was 4. . now I'm 16. That's 12 years daddy, I miss you so much and I'm sure mom does too. I was hoping you would be here for my 17th birthday, I know it's not for another couple of months but, it's good to let people know things ahead of time. Daddy . . do you think you can come and get me? I-I don't like it here anymore. Mom's new husband scares me, a-and he does things to me I don't like. I want my real daddy back. Well, I hope you get this message, a-and I love you."

I ended the call and began to sob into my pillow. My father was my absolute everything before he left my mother and I. Many times, I find myself imagining my father coming to save me from Jim's evil doings. He would rescue me and take me away where it was just us, and we could finally have our father daughter bond back. . .

The following morning, I stood at the bus stop, fingering the ends of my hair. The pink floral dress I sported slightly blew in the wind, making my legs shiver. I checked the time in my phone and groaned loudly, the bus was late today. As I started back down the sidewalk leading to my house, a black Jeep slowly pulled up. I squinted my eyes to see who it was, my eyes widening at who was sitting in the drivers seat. Zoey's black Timberland boot stepped out if the car and treaded towards me. I nervously clutched my books against my chest as I looked down, pushing a piece of hair behind my ear.

"Hey." He grinned, shocking me since he never smiled.

"Hi." I said softly, looking down at my shoes.

"You need a ride or something?" He asked.

"No.. I was on my way back home to see if my mom could take me." I said, finally looking up.

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