Chapter 15: Rome

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A/N: So it's been a while... sorry, but I promise it gets really good from here. So enjoy!

This chapter is  for my auntie. Happy birthday auntie Lyn!!! 🎉

Also, the poems in this chapter is not my own creations. I just remember them from a app I used around 10  years ago and they still make me all teary eyed. Again, NOT my own creations and I'm sure you can Google and find the proper writers of these poems I'm just too lazy to do it for each and every one.

So just enjoy them!



Our lips mold together as I run my hands through her apple scented hair. She releases a moan allowing me access to her delectable mouth. Our tongues glide across one another and her taste, combined with the feeling of her naked body underneath my own is sending blood straight to my aching groin. My hands attentively glide down and across her skin followed shortly by my mouth. I kiss, lick and suck my way down her neck searching for her soft spot. Her mewled response caused me to suck harder on the spot surly leaving my mark. I can feel her tugging on my hair as I continued kissing down her collarbone and between the cavern of her breasts. A low moan escape my own mouth feeling her squirm beneath me as I suck her left nipple. I can feel the indents of her ribcage as my hands and mouth glide lower and lower down her body. I feel my excitement growing as I move up and in for a kiss, her lips part instantly for my probing tongue. Our kiss deepen as she clings to my biceps. I use my own legs to part her slender thighs allowing me access to her most intimate parts. The moment my fingers make contact with her sensitive skin her muscles tense up and our lips part as she let out a whimper of pleasure.

"Demitri, I - I want y-you" Anya pants through ragged breaths and my painfully throbbing cock jumped with excitement. With one last kiss I look deep into those green eyes I love so much and start to enter her. The pleasured look on her face damn near drives me insane as I trust into her, slow at first then gradually picking up speed. "Demitri! Please! Faster!" Anya begs and I eagerly respond feeling that familiar burn of my release build in my groin and with one last thrust...

And that's when I woke up... needless to say my mini me was utterly pissed at me for waking up wen I did. I groaned as I think of how different last night could have been if Anya's phone didn't cock block me. I've been having these dreams more and more often since we came on this adventure. It's like my brain decided to unbox all the repressed feelings and desires I have for Anya... and I don't know if I can keep them hidden anymore. I don't want to hide them anymore.

I'll admit, when she told me we're already on our way to Edward's cottage in Sweden, I wasn't too excited with having to share her. But since we still had two days  before meeting up with him, Anya planned for us to make a stop in Rome. The summer before high school Anya and I signed up for a two week tour of Rome with our school. So, since we already toured Rome, this time was strictly for fun. Which is where I am now. Sitting on Anya's hotel room bed waiting for her to finish her shower and get dressed so we can head to the Trevi Fountain.

Anya in her haste scattered her stuff all over the bed... And boredom got the best of my curiosity so I glanced over her things.

Clothes, make-up, underwear and some books lay scattered on the bed. I reached out to grab... something... And I jumped out of my skin when I heard a loud thud. I froze waiting for the bathroom door to swing open and expose my snooping behind to Anya. I listened for a few moments, detected that the shower was still running and got to work finding what the hell I dropped on the floor. Bending down all I see is a small black notebook on the floor. As I picked up the notebook I turned it over revealing her name scrolled in purple on the front cover. Now I know it's wrong, I know I shouldn't, but I can't help myself.

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