The witch

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"Thanks for carrying the bags." Amy said as she skipped up the sandy coloured steps to the big glass doors at the top. "Thanks for helping." I murmured back earning me a giggle. "Hey! You had it coming! You stuffed your dirty fur into my perfect face." Amy replied making a box around her face with her hands for emphasis. I heard Stripe lightly growl in my head. "I don't think Stripe is very happy that you offended her fur." I snorted as Amy's eyes went wide and she ran off muttering something about 'needing the toilet'.

I chuckled remembering the last time Amy offended Stripe. She was so mad that when she took control, I had to remind her that she was our best friend and not to hurt her but Stripe still gave her a piece of her mind. "Wanna play tag?" I asked Julie who would take any opportunity to practice her stealth skills. "Game on!" I smirked at my competitiveness.

We ran through the forest, my feet barely made a sound even though I was sprinting. I dodged through the trees and I jumped over logs while looking around for somewhere to loose the wolf following my trail. Suddenly Julie barked. I had crossed the pack border. I can't tell if have crossed one unless I'm really concentrated. I walked back over the border amd shifted back where Julie had put on a cheap grey summer dress hidden in the ground.

"You need to learn to sense pack borders. If you are running from rouges or hunters, crossing a border to get a pack on your tail as well isn't gonna help." Julie scolded me. I was about to argue when a twig snapped behind me. I whipped my head around and got into a fighting stance, ready for any sudden danger. Then a woman who looked no older than 35 catiously walked out of a bush and stopped at the edge of the border. She was about 5'4 and had dark brown hair that matched her eyes. But she had cuts and bruises all over her body.

"Hi, are you ok?" I asked concerned as my eyes ran over her deep cuts.
"Y-yes" She stuttered back.

Sniff the air.

I sniffed and the smell of fresh water hit my nose but if I sniffed hard enough, I could catch the smell of air. I have no clue what air smells like but she definitely has that smell to her. Why dose she smell like that Stripe? She's a witch with the element of water and a bacic air. Oh ok. I looked over at Julie who was clearly confused.

She's a witch with water elemental with a bit of air control. Can you not tell?

I can tell she is a witch but not that she has  the element of air and water.

Oh right.

I looked back at the witch who had started swaying from side to side. Then she dropped. I gasped and ran up to her and Julie followed. Then the next thing I know, Julie, the witch and I were in the pack hospital. Julie looked around amazed at how we got here so quick but I had no time to be amazed I could hear the witch's pulse get weaker. "Hey! Over here!" I shouted and a few nurses came out.

"Will she be ok?" I asked one of the nurses. "We can't be sure yet miss Whitestone." The nurse replied formally. I laughed, "You can call me Angel, what's your name?" But before she could reply, the witch's heart stopped.

So who is this new character? Find out next chapter.

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