Prologue and Beginning

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THE CLOUDS LOWLY HUNG IN THE SKY, TREACHEROUS, DARK AND MALICIOUS. They seethed with unknown intentions and rampaged furiously over the storm that covered the Silverpelt. Electric crackled ominously, and thunder striked the soft blanket of white below, ruining it and leaving charred grass behind. The sickle moon hung in the sky, as pale as china.

A ray of molten silver streaked across the sky, reflecting onto the river. Thick, reflective ice coated the barks of trees which hid the prey away. Snow coated the borders, but the thin layer of snow in which paw prints were imprinted upon lay tainted, ruined with sticky, vermillion liquid. The dark one backed up, fear reflecting in her blue eyes, horror painted in the reflection of the ice. The smell of daises, blood and marrow entered the aroma, thick, lifting the pelts of the cats where they shivered under the wrath of a spirit.

Where one lay slain.

Yowls escaped. They had to leave. They knew they were coming, and they would leave only the blood in their wake.

The sleeping earth would wake up soon.

"Do you remember?" She croaked, a once carefree glint now dark and stormy.

"When the sun had gleamed down upon us for the very first time and we were tumbling and carefree? Do you remember? When the rain came pouring down, and..."

Chapter One: Beginning

The thundering clouds flashed white and the rain spat down, heavy and cold. It rampaged, punishing the lands. It was a brutal mistress, and the grief it had suffered caused fury, turmoil and anger. Fear cut the cats below, frightened of nature's wrath that was already apparent: trees falling, crashing with heaves and groans; they were left hanging from their roots, charred and broken. The river that served as the border between HollyClan and IvyClan floods, and the rain that lasted for six moons; the telling of a bad omen.

The rain was relentless, and prey was hard to find, resorting to washed up fish, cheeky steals from one another's territory and hunting from No Cat's Land. The Clans struggled through their plight.

When the water had begun to subside, as well as the elusive rain, both Clans celebrated, jubilance making a happy mood that bought tensions to an all time low. They were too distracted to notice the tiny, slivery scatters of white that tore from the open heavens. Leaf-bare was upon them now, cruel, empty and murderous. It screamed snowflakes that pattered into thick snow. Of course, good old HollyClan was safe and warm within their cosy cave and had ventured out after the last cry and roar of the stubborn leaf-bare. New-leaf gently cherished and weaned the beaten and tortured land back to life, sprouting plants and flowers, and with them, prey.

They were gathered, hidden in the dark and sombre cave. The only light in the cave was wasted on the glint residing in the cats eyes. They had survived leaf-bare's cruel violence in their shelter - their safe haven. The cave was well trodden - imprints of paws from thousands of generations had left their print, here, forever.

Echokit nosed one, examining the fine lines that made it unique with fascination. Her mother told her that it was Hollystar's imprint and she often wondered what it would be like to talk to him. Impart some wisdom on her, maybe.

With Wedgestar's bellow, Echokit's head shot up to marvel at the beautiful cat that was Wedgestar. He was brilliant! In the centre of the main camp, a large circular communal area, was a hollowed out rock and a small yet regal cat stood upon that, staring down his lovely nose at the cats below; the leader of HollyClan, Wedgestar.

She was pulled from her thoughts by a rough licking from her mother, Redfang, and turned to whine softly at her fluffy, blue-grey pelt being cleaned. Her mother was a pretty calico molly, who no-nonsensically moved on to her next sister, Whitekit, a medium sized cat, with creamy fur and dark blue eyes.

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