It's Everyday Bro!

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Jennifer's POV:

"There's A Whole New World Out There Waiting For You To Experience It"

"Good Morning Class, I am your English teacher Alexander Fernandez"There is a man in his late 40's standing in front of the desk, introducing himself.

"We will cut the part where i ask you your name or what do you like as it is time-wasting"He says on which i sigh on relief, I am a really awkward type of person and i don't want to make fun of myself in front of what seems like 30 students.

Time goes on, In the middle of the class, the boy sitting behind me hands a paper, which said:

"Brace Yourself To Be MINE"

"Excuse me, Did you wrote this?"I ask the boy who handed me the paper.

The boy just shook his head fiercely scared of something maybe it's just my angry face which scared him, 

"N-n-no It w-was H-him"He says and gestures towards Mr.Bad-boy, When he noticed i was giving him death glares, he had the nerve to wink at me.

An evil plan crossed my mind and i quickly scribbled on the paper and asked the boy sitting behind me to pass it to Aidan A.K.A Bad Boy.

When the paper reached to him, he smirked at me and started reading the paper, When he looked up his eyes were burning with anger, I copied him and winked at him, then turned around to focus on Mr.Alex.

The bell rung indicating that the class was finally over, Me and Christina walked out together towards Maths when someone pulled me back by grabbing my hand,My nose came in contact with a wall.


Question: Can there be a wall in the middle of a hallway? 


I looked up to see if my answer was true and without any hesitation it was!.

Aidan was standing before me holding my wrists, Then he bellowed himself so that his mouth was near my ear and whispered:

"Believe It or not but what i wrote was true but what you wrote was more like a wish that all guys would die for".

I gag at his cockiness and jerkiness, "Look dude, You should keep your feet on the ground, not in the air because if you will look down you will fall badly"I tell him sincerely.

"My Feet are already on the ground but my head is in the air"He says and turns around going away with his minions following him.

"Ok,That was awkward"I mutter.

"Are you kidding me?, you talked to Aidan and what was that he wrote on the paper, hmm?"She asked me,"Uhh something like 'Brace yourself to be Mine'"I tell her and as i was finished, i had to cover my ears from bursting as Christina shrieked so loud that it was heard at the end of the hall, making people glare at us.

"Uh-"I was about to say something but the warning bell rung and we all run to our class.

I mouth a 'Later' to Christina on which she mouths back 'Oh You Will' with a smug look on her face.

I swear to pepperoni pizza that maths is the worst subject of them all and seriously my doodling gets so much bettef and interesting in this class which is teached by Ms.Harper Gonsalvez, But they all call her 'The grumpy fat owl'.

I seriously see no offense to that.

The bell rung,Finally Freedom,I internally sigh in relief.

I walk out of the class and stand in the hallway contemplating which period it was.

"Chemistru"A voice from behind me speaks,I turn around startled to be met by Mr.Jerk.

"How do you know my schedule?"I ask narrowing my eyes at him.

"Well!,I had to see what schedule My Girl is having"He teases me by emphasising on My Girl a little too much.

"For the last time,I am not yours,dude"I tell him,my voice mixed with a groan of annoyance.

He stepped closer so that his face was just inches away from mine,"Surrender To Me"He said in a husky voice which made my legs all jelly-like.

Get A Grip,Jeni.

"Never"I say to him in a seductive voice which made him groan and I turned around for chemistry,Sashaying my way into the class.

The class starts and guess who is my Chem lab partner.....


She is so experienced,Note the sarcasm.

Every time I mix up chemicals and it bubbles in reaction,She shrieks and jumps back like a lava is going to explode from it.

"C-Can I try?"She asks stuttering and i nod at her.

She then picks up a pink chemical and says"Ooh Pretty", When i focus more on which chemical that is,Christina has it all poured inti the test tube.

The test tube starts to shake violently and the chemical is about to spread out like lava,when someone pulls me back and secures me in their embrace.

"Are you ok?"A familiar voice asks me,I turn around and am met by Aidan.

"Y-Yeah"I reply a little shocked and in wonder that what just happened.

One moment Aidan was calm and the next he was walking angrily towards Christina who was as much shocked as me.

"What were you thinking?,What if Jennifer would have gotten hurt?,Do you even know that this is acid?".He gestures towards the pink substance lying on the table.

"I swear to god if i wasn't there on time,My girl would have gotten hurt and you would have been 50 feet under the ground"He shouts at her.

Then he grabs my hand and walks out of the class with me following behind him.

He then stopped and made me sit on a bench and he kneeled down infront of me and caressed my face in his hands.

"Are you Ok?" He asks more sincerely and with care.

I just had the urge to burst in tears and so I did.

I sobbed hard and i don't even know why.

"Hey,No.No.No,Don't cry Jeni"he says in a soft sweet voice and pulls me into his embrace which kinda makes me feel safe.

"T-Thank you"I say into his chest.

"Don't thank me, It's my job to protect what's mine and apprently i have set my eyes for making something,No someone,Mine"He tells me as i cry my eyes out into his chest and he just caresses my hair,my cheek,my back.

It's been a long time since i broke down and someone was there for me to cry my eyes out.

Oh Mom!, i miss you...

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