unspoken words

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There are so many unspoken words
That I've been swallowing down
Afraid to say them out loud
To turn them into beautiful sound
Afraid to hear the answer
To have my hopes wiped down

There's so much I want to tell you
Those words are so simple
But every time
I master up my courage
To finally let those torturing
Feelings out
To turn them into beautiful sounds
I dread
my world will turn upside down
I want to yell out loud
I love you
I love your smile
It makes my heart to fly
Into boundless and joyful sky

If only I could utter
those simple words
Let them see the world
If only i was little bold

I'm afraid
my heart will break down
Tears flowing down

So I'll keep my words
My unspoken words
I will leave
Those torturing thoughts
For you to notice
As I will never
Turn them into beautiful sounds

I hope you'll see them in my
love-filled eyes
The unspoken words
Of my love
Dancing through my
Oh, so intoxicated eyes.

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