Ohhhh Patrick's in trouble!!!

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Several hours later Rebecca and Patrick were talking in the living room. A sudden crash was heard through out the house. The two rushed into the kitchen where the crash came from. Rebecca went to stand by her mother as she looked at the new figure standing in front of the group.

"PATRICK FINNIGAN!!!!" She screeched loudly. Patrick visibly winced. "Hey sis." "Oh don't you hey sis me. Were have you been.  Dad and I have been worried sick. Grandmam even had a panic attack!" Patrick's sister said still glaring at her brother. "I did not mean to come here sis." "We will deal with this later. Hi I'm Wynter Milly Finnigan. The twit's younger sister by three years, 14, in Gryffindor, and have developed my Dad's skill at exploding and catching things on fire. My brother and i lost our mam when i was born. Both of us know nothing about her because Patty's memories of her were erased." She said glaring at her brother than smiling warmly at the others. "How did you get here anyway?" Patrick asked his younger sister clearly annoyed and scared for his life. His sister was surprisingly strong for a short and twig like girl. "The adults gave me a time turner to see if i could get to you, but i think they gave it to me to get rid of me. I was pestering them." Wynter explained with a bubbly smile. "Of course you were." Lily sighed, but a smile was creeping its way across her face. "Welp.... let's get you caught up. Wyn come with me." Lily continued smiling at her best friend.

The children 16 and younger left the room. "We need to find a way home and soon." Victorie announced. Teddy nodded in agreement with his wife. "We could change the future Vic." Louis quietly told his older sister. "Yeah! Who dies?" Fred 1 asked. The people from the future jumped in shock. "I don't think we can say." Rebecca said looking down at her small hands. "Come on Becca. What's the worst that could happen?" Fred 2 withered under the glare Rebecca sent him. He also started mumbling under his breath. Roxanne must have over heard because she smacked him upside the head. Rebecca smiled at Roxanne gratefully.

"Please tell us children." a wise and calm voice asked causing the kids from the future to stare in shock. "Dumbledore!" Lucy said shocked. "Hello Miss...Weasley? Now do tell who dies. Don't worry i will alter memories before you leave." Dumbledore told the group of time travelers. "Um....we will start with the main Deatheaters. Peter Pettigrew was killed by the hand Voldemort gave him because he showed Harry mercy." Dominique said barely above a whisper. Surprisingly the entire room heard her. "Bellatrix Lestrange was killed by Grandmum during the Battle of Hogwarts. Grandmum killed her because she shot a killing curse millimeters away from Mum's head." James continued looking at his Grandmum proudly. "Uncle Harry killed Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts. Mr. Dumbledore your theory was correct." Rebecca rushed. Dumbledore nodded to her in understanding. Voldemort had made Horcruxes. "Miss Rayton please call me Dumbledore." "Sir yes sir." Rebecca saluted.

"Now for the war heroes. Severus Snape was killed by Nagini because Tom Riddle thought he had possession over a wand." Molly said quietly. "Why is Snape a hero?" Sirius asked. "It will be found out later." Rebecca said before Louis could open his fat mouth. "Dumbledore was killed on his own orders." "WHAT!" "His own orders. He did it to help bring about the downfall of Voldemort." "oh." "Well my dears, good luck surviving your children." Dumbledore's comment got a few half hearted chuckles. "Mad-eye Moody was killed by Tom himself during a airborne battle." Patrick announced. Moody nodded, content that he went down fighting, with Voldemort no less! "Fred Weasley dies during the battle of hogwarts along with many other students that stayed behind or got caught in the action on th way to safety." Lucy whispered, fearing her Uncle's reaction. All the Weasley's, and some others, were in shock. Fred however was perfectly calm. "Did you honestly think that all of us would make it? Someone was bound to die eventually. George chin up."

The Next Generation kids stared at their Uncle or Honorary Uncle in awe, he handled his death so well. "Sirius Black died in the battle of the Department of Mysteries." Dominique sniffled, but every one was already crying. "How did Prongslette manage after I passes?" Sirius asked as Remus was shaking his head in shock and denial. "He had some minor depression, but he found some happiness later on and decided to cherish it and move on from the past. Of course he still remembers and is sad, but he has moved on." James explained as he was Harry's son. "Tonks was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange during the battle of Hogwarts." Victorie said and turned to Teddy, who sighed. "Remus Lupin was killed by Antonin Dolahov during the battle of Hogwarts. You left behind your newborn son." "Who was he Teddy?" Tonks asked softly, tears falling down her face softly. (Remember Teddy never announced his parents) "Me." was Teddy's simple response. Tonks ran to him and threw her arms around him sobbing; she didn't care whose son he was, he needed a big hug. Sirius pushed Remus forward and Remus soon joined the hug. "One last death we will announce right now. Ted Tonks was killed by snatchers around April or May 1998" Louis said shakily. Tonks only sobbed harder and Remus rubbed her back still hugging her and their son from the future. Well what a lovely conversation to have before dinner and some of us are still crying, Rebecca thought as everyone 16 and under walked into the kitchen for dinner.

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