Chapter 15 Danni

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I got home from being at Andy's and tried to mentally prepare myself for what was coming. I opened the front door, and once I closed it, I felt her hand come across my face.

"Where were you?!" She yelled, fury in her eyes.

"At a friends-" another slap echoed in the room.

"Don't you fucking know how worried I was?" She spat, grabbing me by my neck. Her hands were tight and closing my airway.

"S-sorry," I choked, feeling her throw me against the wall.

"Your father would be so disgusted in you," I looked down at the floor.

"He would think you're a pathetic excuse of a human," I felt another slap across my face.

"You haven't done your chores for nearly two days Dannielle and you know how that makes me feel," I winced slightly at the thought of what could happen this time.

"This time I think they'll enjoy it more than you," she laughed, gripping me by my hair and pulling me towards the living room. I tried not to cry. When I looked up I saw three men already pleasuring themselves on the couch.

"Dannielle here has been a very very naughty girl," she started, shoving me down to the floor.

"I want you all to have your way with her. Make sure she is in as much pain as possible," I winced, when one of the men grabbed me by my hair.

"Very gorgeous," he mumbled, while arouther tied my arms and legs together.

"Mum please!" I begged, already knowing that I hadn't had my pill from Beatrice.

"Don't try and get out of this Dannielle, you deserve every second of pain for not doing what I have asked of you," I felt the tears well in my eyes when the ropes were cutting the circulation to my limbs.

"Have fun boys," she smirked, grabbing her bag and leaving.

"Let's do this boys," one of them laughed, positioning himself on top of me. I tried to wiggle away from him, but it caused him to slap me across the face.

"Don't reject us!" He laughed, ripping my underwear off.

"Please!" I begged, he laughed.

"As you wish," he made sure he pushed himself all the way inside me and went hard. He didn't care how much it hurt me. I felt another one whip me with his belt. I felt the familiar sting on my stomach. I screamed out in pain, when the whip collided with my stomach again.

"Harder!" One of the men called. He nodded and started whipping me harder. I couldn't help but scream in pain.

"Lets make this little bitch hurt!" The one between my legs laughed. I felt a fist collided with the side of my head and before I knew it I had blacked out.


My body ached all over. I couldn't move. My head was pounding in time with my heart. My stomach was swollen and bruised. My arms and legs were still tied up, starting to turn blue. I don't know what happened but I was laying on my stomach. My lower back was so sore. I couldn't move. I tried not to cry again, my body aching so much. This was the worst I've ever had. This was the worst punishment. I looked around the room, my neck aching, and I saw my phone on the floor. I tried to crawl over, my body aching the more I moved. I screamed when my lower back moved slightly. My fingertips just grazed my phone and I pulled it towards me. Why did I even bother? There was no one I could call. If I did they'd end up like Erica. The thought of her made me cry harder. Why did she have to kill her. I realised that it was the next day and I wasn't at school. But I knew I couldn't physically move. I laid there naked, my body limp. I heard the door open and mentally screamed.

"I see you couldn't make it to school today huh?" Mum laughed, walking into the living room. I held my head down, trying not to look at her. She grabbed me by my hair and forced me up. My back cracked and I screamed.

"They defiantly did a good job didn't they," she smiled, admiring my battered body.

"Your father would be proud that you got punished," she laughed, throwing me back down to the floor. She used scissors to cut the ropes from my wrists and legs.

"You better be at school tomorrow or I will be very angry," she sighed, sending a whip of the rope on my lower back. I felt something click and I screamed.

"I wish I had killed you instead of Erica. It would've been funnier to see her cry over you then to put up with you," and with that she left again. I felt the tears welling in my eyes again. I needed to think of something that made me happy.

I sat on the rope swing, letting the wind brush through my hair.

"You know, you look beautiful when the sun shines on your face," I smiled at Erica who smiled back at me. Her crystal blue eyes traced mine, her blonde hair twisted with the wind.

"You're always beautiful," I told her, watching a giggle escape her lips.

"Says you,"

"Yes says me," we both got off the swings hand in hand and made our way towards the water.

"You know, I haven't gone swimming in a while,"

"It's so cold though!" I whined, my feet sinking into the sand.

"You can stay here if you like," she smiled, slipping off her shirt. I let my eyes trace over her perfect body. She smirked at me, bending over and taking her jeans off.

"You know, I would feel happier if you joined me," she smirked, walking backwards towards the ocean. I let my eyes trace over her flat stomach, her toned thighs, her our glass figure. I quickly slipped my dress off and headed towards the water.

"I knew you'd do it," she laughed, splashing me with water. It was so cold. I splashed her back. She laughed and tackled me under the water. I came back up and noticed her white bra was now transparent. My mouth instantly became dry and I could see her breasts. She came closer to me, her arms wrapping around my neck. Mine found her waist before she pulled me into a kiss. The kiss was passionate and loving. I smiled into the kiss, feeling her hands move into my wet hair. I let my hands fall onto her toned butt.

I smiled at the memory of Erica and my first date. She asked me out and took me to the beach straight away. I wish she was still here.

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