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After a fun day at Universal Studios, the fam had gone home, not worrying about dinner, due to all their drained energy. So, immediately, when the 4 arrived at Will and Shelby's apartment, they all collapsed in their rooms. Will and Shelby were snuggled together in their room, while Graser was collapsed on the floor, since he didn't make it to the air mattress... And Liam fell asleep on his plushies.
Along with people who don't make it to the mattress, comes really weird, scary, fun, and even helpful dreams. With that, all four had their own different dreams.

I was surrounded by darkness. I was sat in a chair. Right when I was about to get up, the dark room, a bright, white light, surrounded the room.
"Huh? What?"
Two people walked forward. They both... Looked like me.
"Hello, Will. I'm Kiingtong."
"And I'm William Shakes." They both introduced themselves
"What type of dream is this?" I asked them both
"It's more of an informational dream. To tell you about you're meant to be doing." Kiingtong explained
"And what is that?"
"Well... The thing Graser has been going crazy about. Kiibble. And the thing you told him not to tell Shelby about. Marriage." William Shakes began
"Where is this topic going?" I was clueless
"Do you not get the point? Aren't you smart, Will?" William Shakes asked
"Well. Maybe I'm just trying to avoid the topic, so, I could wake up."
"Hah. Clever. But you just revealed your plan. Sad life." Kiingtong said with a smirk
I rolled my eyes
"Can we please just get to the point? I'll probably forget about this dream anyways."
"We'll make sure you won't, Will." They both said in unison
"Anyways, you love Shelbs, right?" William asked
"Of course, I do!" They both began to walk around me
"And you really would like to spend the rest of your like with her, right?" Kiingtong asked
"Well..." Kiingtong started
"THEN ASK HER TO MARRY YOU!" They yelled in synchronization
"AHH!" I was startled
"You can't rush marriage!"
"Will, you have two of yourselves, right in front of you, telling you to marry Shelby. You're basically telling yourself to marry the love of your life. What's holding you back?"
I was hoping I wouldn't get asked this...
"I'm scared! Okay! I'm scared! I'm not scared of commitment, but I am scared of rejection! What if she says no, because it's too soon? What if she says no, because me asking her to marry me, loses the spark?" I looked down, in disappointment
"Will! She loves you! She really does! I don't know why you're thinking so negatively." They both gave me a pat on the back
I needed to think about it, so I asked if we could change the subject for awhile. We would conclude the marriage talk before I wake up.

Usually in my dreams, I would have Shubble and Shumpy to talk to. I guess it was always a way to get rid of my thoughts.
"Guys, when will Will ask me to marry him?"
"I don't know? We should just give him time. There is a possibility that he's nervous." Shubble explained
"Shubble is right. Marriage is a big thing, and it really all depends on commitment. When you're married, there's no flirting with other boys, no looking at boys, and blah blah." Shumpy also explained
"Hm... You're right. I guess, all I could do, is wait for him."

I miss Link.
Suddenly, I hear barking.
A white, little dog runs towards me.
"LINK! Look at the Pokemon plushies I got at Universal Studios today!!"

I want waffles, and pizza. Suddenly, plates of waffles, and boxes of pizza surround me.
"YEAHHHH!!! Wait... I need syrup for my waffles." I snap my finger
A bottle of syrup falls onto my head
"OW! Oh, syrup!! Now would be the appropriate time to sing this song..."
Author: Play the song, that I linked
"When I say I want you say, pizza! I want. PIZZA. I WANT. PIZZA!"
Best. Dream. Ever.

"You're gonna wake up soon. So, what decisions have you made?" Kiingtong asked
"I will..."

"...Ask her in a year."

~1 year later~

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you don't mind me taking this time skip. Also, I've created a schedule, and by created, I just decided now. I will be updating on: Wednesday's, Friday's, Saturday's, and Sunday's. Is that an okay schedule? Also, let me know about what you think of this time skip? Is it a pro, or a con?

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