Transitioning From Combustion To Vaporization

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Chapter 1: How It All Started

In the very beginning, there was a man, a man who smoked. Some would even dare to call him a human chimney. But he wasn't content with what he had become - a smoker in a world of medical knowledge telling him his decision, what was once his decision before it took hold, was a stupid one at best and at worst, a deadly error on his part. So what was he to do? Long he had tried to quit smoking but alas, it wasn't as easy as he had once thought. Struggle as he might, he just couldn't manage to kick the habit. So years went by and eventually his body began to pay the toll. He couldn't manage. It seemed too ridiculous. Aware of an alternative known as vaporizing at the time, which is now more commonly referred to as vaping, he thought perhaps there was a solution, if not just a temporary one. So he took it upon himself to give it a try. Perhaps it would work, or so was his thoughts on the matter at the time. It wasn't long before he found his opportunity and that's where his story, this story, begins.

Chapter 2: In The Beginning There Was Smoke, Then There Was Vapor

When he first started coming of age, this young man, the protagonist of this story, decided for whatever obviously foolish reason or reasons to begin smoking and in doing so, wrote the next chapter of his life with a single decision. The next chapter of his life would entail diminishing lung capacity and an increase in physical ailments, a slow but certain degradation of the body in part to aging and in part due to a poor decision that was accelerating his timetable, limiting his very existence. And so early on, that decision was made and it would haunt him for years to come. But all this he knew, although not as assuredly as one who has lived it, but rather with the young innocence of one who has been told but carelessly disregards what he believes to be true for a lack of experience by which he can actually relate to what he's been told. So the story goes on and years pass.

Chapter 3: Darkest Before The Dawn

Like the start of a new day, life had engulfed in darkness. Health concerns had him twisted, wondering what to do next. On the other side of the tunnel, it seemed so clear that there was light, only it would take some effort to continue pushing through the darkness until that light poured through from the other side. The other side was his exit and the only way to get there: to quit smoking. Somehow, someway, he was going to quit. He'd tried to go cold turkey, as they call it, but to no avail - the struggle continued. But he wasn't without hope, he'd heard of alternatives and one of them, vaporizers, seemed right up his alley. He assumed an oral fixation and so a device that he could also bring towards his mouth in some consuming fashion seemed to make some sense, perhaps it would work. So he gave it try. He picked up a vaporizer, stuffed it with tobacco, and started to puff.

His first impression? Disappointment. There wasn't enough vapor and it didn't taste all that great. He called a friend. They said they had something he'd want to try. What was it? It was another vaporizer, only this one allegedly a "good" one. Apparently the one he'd tried wasn't. So without too much hope left in the notion, he ventured to his friend's house to see if he couldn't give it another shot. Loading what little hope he had left into his conscience and heading over to his friend's place, he was ready for one more go at it. He'd come this far, why not go the distance. If it didn't work once, it was certainly no reason in this scenario to call it quits, not yet. So he pushed forward and when he arrived, he was greeted with the sight of a vape he'd never seen before - something special, that much was evident from its appearance. It was like a silver pyramid and it conveyed power. He was ready to try it.

As it turns out, this vaporizer was the Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, this version the now "Classic" but at the time, it was the only version. He thought that it looked impressive but was mostly at a loss for words. He made small talk and then they took to it. He wasn't sure to expect, but then, he suddenly heard the noise of plastic crinkling. What was happening? He inquired. It was the plastic bag inflating with vapor. Apparently the vaporizer used a revolutionary delivery method in which it filled a balloon with vapor so that its user or users could casually enjoy the vapor it produced by simply inhaling it from a balloon. "Genius," he thought to himself. What would come next would leave a lasting impression in his head for years to come. His friend removed the balloon, now full of vapor, from the top of the vaporizer and attached a mouthpiece to it. He then took a quick puff to demonstrate as he explained that the mouthpiece acted as a valve which would open when you pressed it against your mouth. His friend then proceeded to pass it to him. He carefully pressed it up against his mouth and while doing so, began to inhale. After some odd seconds, he exhaled. He witnessed visible vapor exiting his mouth and plenty of it. He gave it another go. After blowing out his second puff of vapor, he was sold. "This thing works," he thought to himself.

Chapter 4: The End Of Combustion

For our protagonist, the reality quickly became clear after some extensive vaporizing in place of smoking: vapor could replace smoke and in doing so, provide what seemed to be a healthier alternative. Was it? Scientists seemed to stuck in debate over the issue, but to him, it was obvious: vaping was better, no question about it. So he slowly, not without great effort, began to phase out his inhalation of smoke and replace it with his inhalation of vapor. He was pleased with the transition and once made complete, he was pleased with himself. He'd done it. He'd kicked a habit that had taken him years to get rid off. He might have replaced it with something else, but in his mind, he'd won. He was the victor, no longer the prisoner trapped within the confines of his own mind, his mind a traitor to his very existence. Now, he was one with himself and with that feeling of harmony came a sense of inner-peace that he had long lost. Once again, he was himself, at the helm of his own destiny - in control of his life. 

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