Part 29 - We need a tourniquet

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Hershel was bleeding out and he would die if we didn't get him some help fast. Rick tore his belt from his waist and wrapped it round Hershel's stump like limb. I ripped part of my shirt of and covered his leg to try and stop some of the bleeding. "We need to get him out of here now!" I screamed making the room echo, T-Dog ran over to another door leading into the tombs which appeared empty, he ran back with a lunch trolley so we could place Hershel on it as if it were a gurney.

"Put pressure on the knee" I told Glenn, I was still by Hershel's head trying to keep him awake.

"Hard, hard! Push, push" I told him again. I glanced over at Rick to see the Four men in jump suits approach is with their hands up, Daryl had his crossbow aimed at them. "Why don't you come on out of there? Slow and steady" Rick coaxed them out of the room they were in with his hand slowly.

"What happened to him?" The slightly tall, skinny one asked.

"He got bit" Rick replied sternly back to him. "Bit? Whoa, whoa, whoa" The guy who had asked Rick the original question, began to pull out a gun from the folds of his jumpsuit.

"Easy now. Nobody needs to get hurt" Rick put his arms up in defense. I looked back down to Hershel's leg, it had bled all the way through. "Damn it! I need you to hold this" I tore off the rest of my top, folded it up and placed it over Hershel's leg. I looked back at Glenn and pointed to my top on Hershel's leg, "Okay. As hard as you can" Glenn nodded and pressed as hard as he could. I walked over to Rick and looked at the four men. "You have medical supplies?" they began to look at me as if i were a piece of me, then I realised I didn't have a top on. "Wow. Damn" they all began to say I was getting frustrated because they didn't answer my question "Oh get over yourselves were trying to save someone's life!... Now do you have medical supplies!" They all went silent but just pointed to the room they were in, I stormed past them and zoomed into the room. I scanned the room and saw nothing, I didn't it again and nothing. I turned to leave when I saw something red, upon further inspection I found it to be a first aid box. I grabbed it, its the only thing we've got. I left the room and pushed past the group of men and ran back to Hershel. "Right we gotta go! Now! Come on! We need a hand here!" I shouted over to Rick and Daryl to help transport Hershel back to our cell block.

"T! Get the door! One, two, three, go!! We began to wheel Hershel back through the tombs, unaware that the group of men were following us.

After more twists and turns we finally made it back to cell block C. Hershel was passing out, I needed carol, she would know what to do, Hershel taught her a few things for when the baby cane. Carol emerged from her cell to see what all the commotion was, the look on her face, when she saw Hershel was only one of utter fear. "Get him on the bed!" she shouted, getting some towels prepared in the process. "He got bit" Rick replied heaving to get Hershel onto his bed. "Did you cut it off?" Carol questioned inspecting Hershel's leg. "Yeah... we did" I replied giving carol the straightest answer possible. Hershel's bleeding began to accelerate, my thin T-shirt was stopping the bleeding anymore. "Oh! Oh, I need bandages!" Carol began to shout, I picked up a towel she had placed on the small pop up table in the corner, she grabbed it and places it round Hershel's stump.

"You think you can stabilize him?" Rick asked impatiently pacing past the door way every so often. "I need to keep his leg elevated!" Maggie rushed, and came back with three pillows for her dad. "We can burn the wound to clot the blood." Glenn said of the top of his head. "No! The shock could kill him!" I answered back. He drifted in to unconsciousness, oh god, will he be alright? we can't afford to lose anyone else!!!


I rummaged through my bag and grabbed out a teal polo neck I had found, I pulled it over my head and slid it down my body pulling my hair out as I did. I could hear everyone shuffling about by Hershel's cell, he'll be fine, he'll live. Hershel was a very strong headed guy, after Lori, Hershel was one of the only people, besides me that Rick would turn to for advice. He had a strong influence over Rick and if anything happed to him, it would tear Rick apart.

I ran back to carol, to see if I could do anything. Maggie ran out crying, Glenn chasing after her. Beth caring for Judith and Carl? I didn't know where he had gotten too. I glanced around and saw that Rick, Daryl, Tom and T-Dog were gone too. I overheard talking in the direction back into the tombs, I walked over to the mess hall that connected our cell block to the tombs. The four men in jumpsuits had followed us here, Daryl had his crossbow pointed at them. Rick turned his gaze and walked up to me. "We're going to clear a cell out for them, then they can stay away from us, in exchange for half of their food" He rubbed his face a frustration, "We're going to have convicts living next door?" He began to pace beside me "I don't have any other choice, Jess" I paused, then nodded "At least let me cone with you" Rock vigorously shook his head "No its too dangerous!" He cupped my cheek with his hand, I lent into it "I need to come, if we find the laundry room, then I can get sheets for Hershel, he's still bleeding pretty bad...I'll be fine trust me" He stared into my eyes with sincerity and stoked my cheek with his hand. "Okay... Let's go"

I ran back in to me cell and grabbed an empty back pack I had, I gabbed by hand gun and holstered it and picked up my cricket bat and wondered back in to the mess hall. I only came to know one of the guys names, I didn't particularly wanted to get acquainted with them. This man had a blonde handle bar moustache that seemed to be perfectly groomed even though they had been stuck in the cafeteria for nearly a year, his name was Axel.

We approached the tombs as we did before, in a group. We shuffled along the twisting corridors and peeked around every corner before walking down it to ensure we didn't get ourselves into the same situation again. One walker had crept up on us and scratched the big guy who they all called big tiny, the tall skinny guy, who had long, black, curly and greasy hair with a slight moustache smashed his head in before we could do anything about it. Rick glared at me reassuringly and held my hand, Tom was on my other side of me and held my arm softly. We walked around yet another corner and came to a door. I walked forward and placed my ear upon it, I heard nothing, I placed my hand on the door handle and pushed my way through the door. It was empty but we had found the laundry room... Bingo.

I went to work and began to grab as many sheets as I could, shoving the sheets into the bag as I went. I began to grab detergent and dropped them into a laundry cart. I looked up to Rick and saw walkers upon walkers flooding the doorway. I dropped my stuff into the laundry cart and grabbed the handle of the cricket bat and swung away. Rick fell backwards with a walker on top of him. I swung the cricket bat swiftly on to the walkers head, causing it to go limp. I held my hand out to Rick's and pulled him up.

The walkers were cleared up, I walked back over to the laundry cart. I glanced over to Rick, who had a look of anger upon his face. "Yeah... Shit happens" He lifted the machete he had firmly clutched within his grasp and slammed it into the tall yet skinny guy, I never caught his name. I stood there with my mouth wide open. I had never seen rick kill a living human being before. Rick glanced over to me and walked over, he clasped my face with his hands "I had to... I had to... I had to... he wanted me dead it was me or him... it was us... or him"

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