(1) The Fairy Of Nature

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3rd POV

Once upon a time, there was a fairy who guarded the forest, and her name was (Y/n) (L/n). She had long (H/c) hair, beautiful (E/c) eyes, and an angelic voice.

In the middle of the forest lies a tree, which (Y/n) is guarding. But this is no ordinary tree. The tree is magical because at the top it, it has a glass full of water that makes you live forever. If anyone tries to drink it, the forest will die.

Many people tried to drink it but (Y/n) always stopped them.

She has been lonely in the forest. The company she only has are the animals around her, which she can understand. She only sees mortals if they wanted to take the 'immortal water'.

No one really bothered to know her, nor talk to her.
Sad I know..

But all of that changed when she met a certain boy with a mop of black hair...



"What is it, knucklehead!?"

"Let's go outside!" Hiro pleaded.

Tadashi rolled his eyes at his younger brother.

"So you could fly your kite?" Tadashi asked. [Let's just say that in this oneshot there was still little technology. And all I know when I was child, we fly kites!]

"Noo..." The younger Hamada lied.

Tadashi sighed and continued to wash the dishes.

"Maybe later."

"But it's so boring inside!"

The older Hamada rubbed his temples and groaned.

"Then go outside.. I still have chores to do.." Tadashi sighs while drying the plates with a cloth.

"Fine.." Hiro grumpily said and walked outside.


You sighed.

"Clover, when am I gonna find someone who will talk to me?" [:< my sister made me watch Sofia the first :'(]

"(Y/n)! You have us remember! Me, Robin and Mia!" The grey bunny said.

You looked at him and sighed.

"What I mean is.. A person? Maybe.." You trailed off.

Clover gave you a look. "Look kid-" You cut him off.

"For your information I'm more older than you."

Clover groaned. "Let me finish!"

You nodded.

"Okay. I know we're just the ones you talk to-"

"-The only ones" You interrupted again.

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