Chapter 1: Cheese Pizza

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''Anastasia Ryn Crawford!. Get your butt downstairs this instant!'' My sister Charlotte screamed up the stairs.

''What did you do this time Ana?'' My brother Ethan said as he passed my room. ''I didn't do anything Eth'' I shouted out. What did Char want me for this time?

''Im coming, Im coming don't get your panties in a knot'' I rolled off my messy bed and made my way downstairs, nearly missing one and tumbling to the bottom. 

''What's up Char?'' I said coolly. ''Anastasia we have been in this house for a week now and you have not unpacked your room. All their is, is a mattress and a pile of boxes overflowing with your junk.!'' Charlotte stomped her foot, obviously fed up with my behavior.

''Can't you just do as your told'' Charlotte sighed and left the room, probably to chase my brother.

''And unpack your room'' Char shouted as her body turned the kitchen corner.     

I stomped my feet and dragged my self upstairs. 3rd move in almost 2 years, can't they see that I am fed up of leaving my new friends behind. Every time something happens with my brothers gang we pack up and move states. Now we are moving into our four bedroom house in California.

Yes, my brother Ethan is a gangleader, the strongest one at that. He inherited the business from my dead parents at the age of 18 (I was 14 and Charlotte was 16). After that he raised the rest of the gang on his own with two younger siblings to take care of. Charlotte graduated last year and now I am the only one in high school.

Dang it, one more year till I am free from the blond barbies and the dumb jocks. 

I unpacked my room to the beat of my new stereo, a moving gift from my brother. My room had white walls with dark oak flooring. My bed was pushed up to the window facing my mini balcony which spreads out over the backyard.

Damn! look at that pool!.

My desk was next to my balcony with my draws next to that. I hung up my flowers lights around my bed and started to hook up my TV, and my mountain of other chords for my other devices. Honestly this is the best room that I have designed in ages. 

''Dinner Ana'' Charlotte called from the bottom of the stairs. I turned off my stereo and slipped on a pair of socks.

Why wear shoes when you can wear socks.

I headed into the living area and saw a half empty cheese pizza box. Oh no.

''ETHAN WHY IN GODS NAME DID YOU TAKE MY CHEESE PIZZA'' I shouted at my brother who was smugly sitting on the couch, ingesting my dream pizza. ''I was eating the pizza that I bought to SHARE for dinner'' Ethan blue eyes sparkled, challenging me. 

Us three don't really look the same. Ethan has Brown hair and Baby blue eyes that always get him in trouble with the ladies. Charlotte has brown eyes with a hint of hazel and long brown hair which is always in her trademark ponytail. I on the other hand had Hazel eyes with a streak of brown and longish brown hair. 

I muttered some profanities under my breath as I took and plate and a few slices of pizza. I moaned out in delight as the cheesy taste electrified my taste buds. Im in heaven. 

''Mouth shut Ana'' My sister whacked my leg and look a seat next to me. I rubbed my leg and glared at my sister who was scrolling through her feed. 

''Anastasia you have school tomorrow, excited'' My brother asked. I really didn't want to go to another school being the new girl, again. ''Oh Im ecstatic brother'' I sweetly smiled at him. ''So any news when the others are going to get here.'' I addressed out in the open.

''Caroline, Bryn, Aketta, Lynn, Colette, Noah, Manson, Jacob, Will, Alex, Jamie and Xander will be arriving in the next few days. My brother kissed me goodnight. 

''Anastasia sleep, you have school tomorrow.'' My sister ushered me upstairs ''Goodnight Ana'' My sister waved farewell before she descended the stairs to the living area. 

I walked into my room throwing my clothes on the floor, plugging my phone into charge and slipping into one of Ethan's old shirts.

''Night Mum, Dad'' I whispered into the night air as I drifted into a deep sleep.  


Beginning of a story that I have been writing for months. I hope you enjoy.

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