Pete x Pastel Goth Reader

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, this is a request from @littleegobigheart and a few others, sorry that it took so long to make the story, school was so stressful and im so sorry but i will be updating more often now because im in christmas holidays!! Thankyou and enjoy!~

~Your POV~

Being pastel goth makes me feel unique, I'm not like the Goth Kids at my school instead of having jet black hair. I have beautiful (Your favorite pastel color) hair that stands out. I wear amazing black and pastel clothing with my many accessory. Anyway, it's hard being pastel goth because I don't really have any friends...everyone thought I was weird even the Goths but I had one friend his name is Pete and I'm only friends with him because his Goth friends hate me for making there group seem weak....

As I arrived at school, I get the usual stare down by Wendy and Bebe (my bullies), I didn't really care though..I made my way to my locker put my stuff in it. "Hey (Y/n), why do you dress like 'hehe' that?" Wendy giggled to Bebe, "Well Wendy I dress like this because it makes me happy" I replied, "Soooo.. Dressing like a weirdo makes you feel happy? HAHA your so pathetic" She said,  "I'm not pathetic...bitch " I replied with a little confidence, "Ohhh, the weirdo is talking back..'SLAP!!' Don't you EVER call me a bitch AGAIN" Wendy said slapping me and walking away.

I held my cheek while tears started to flow down my face, I ran through the hallways to the back of the school, "WHAT THE FUCK NO CONFORMISTS ALLOWED!" One of the Goths yelled, I continued to cry and fell to my knees. I started crying in my hands when I felt someone approach me, the person sat down next to me...I felt there arms go around me pulling me into there lap.

I started to cry harder on the persons shoulder, wrapping my arms around the person's neck. The person smelled like cinnamon and a hint of smoke I started questioning who the person was, thinking maybe it's Pete but shaking the thought out of my head, i feel the person hold me tighter,"It's ok, don't cry"the person said trying to calm me down, I slowly lift my head off the person's shoulder.

I stared at the person, and Pete, he raised his hand to my face wiping the tear that slipped from my eye. I blushed slightly "FUCKING HELL PETE ARE YOU TURNING INTO A CONFORMIST?!?!" Michael yelled standing up from his spot, I quickly got off Pete and helped him stand up. 

" No michael IM NOT" Pete yelled back, "THEN WHAT WAS THAT?!" He said pointing at me...."WHAT DO YOU THINK IT WAS??" Pete yelled. "WELL IT WAS OBVIOUSLY SOME CONFORMIST CRAP!" Michael yelled, "WELL MAYBE IT IS AND MAYBE I DO LOVE (Y/N) AND YOU CAN'T DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!!" Pete said with a massive blush making me blush.

Michael stood there shocked, "That's it" Pete said, he walked over to me and grabbed both of my cheeks carefully grabbing the cheek that the bitch Wendy slapped and pulled my face towards his, our lips connected  moving in sync with each other, I started to move my arms around his neck. We pulled apart looking into each others eyes until, "Pete are you happy?" Michael said, Pete grabbed my hand and nodded. "Well even if your being a conformist, I give you my blessing but one more thing no make out near us" Michael said sitting down.

I giggled and nodded, Pete kissed the cheek that was slightly red, I whined a little bit. "Who did that to you?" He said, "Wendy....but don't worry about it" I said laughing it off. "No, I dont have to worry, some hurt my girl" He said realizing what he said, "Your girl, I would love to be your girl but you have asked me" I said smirking, "Fine (Y/n) you win..Will you do me the honor of being my beautiful and sexy girlfriend?" He said blushing, "Of course" I said kissing his cheek. "Now lets go and set Wendy's hair on fire" Pete said grabbing my hand. "I love you" I said before kissing him passionately.

Long story short, Wendy is bald and I am suspended, SO WORTH IT!!

~Sorry that it took so long and sorry if it sux~

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