Chapter 1

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It's the summer before the senior year of high school, the sun is out and Tom Cashlin is with his girlfriend, and his two friends Jeff and Jeremy riding around in his black Jeep Wrangler. Jeff is a short stocky teenager who wears his hat to the side and has thick curly brown hair with a chubby round face. Jeremy is tall and chunky and has a boxlike head with a crew cut and glasses. Tom is less than a few inches taller than Jeff, but he's thin. The wind is blowing through Tom's thin curly hair as he speeds down Route 35.

"Tom slow down, you're going to crash!" Angela says as she nudges him. Angela Leonardo is Tom's girlfriend; she is around 5 feet tall and has long straight brown hair and brown eyes.

"I'm not going to crash baby, I know how to drive." Tom smiles.

"Yeah, but still I like you to get a good parking spot and if you keep driving fast we're going to get pulled over, it's bad enough we got too many people in the car." Angela crosses her arms.

"Fine." Tom slows down.

"Thank you, honey, I hope there are no creepy guidos there again."

"Baby it's Seaside Boardwalk it's where they film 'Jersey Shore', there's going to be guidos." Tom arrives at Seaside Boardwalk and he parks next to a parking meter, "Ugh...I hate these things, I got to get some change." Tom digs through his cup holder and pulls out a hand full of quarters. He starts to feed the meter and he looks to his girlfriend, "Baby I need just one more quarter."

Angela rolls her eyes and digs through her purse to get a quarter, "Here you go."

Tom grabs the quarter from her, "It's only a quarter baby, it's not like I'm asking you for a million dollars."

Angela grabs his hand after he puts the quarter in, "Come on let's go."

Tom turns to his friends, "How about we split up? I'll call you guys when we're ready."

Jeff turns to Jeremy after Tom and Angela leave holding hands, "I don't know if it's because I'm jealous that Tom has a hot ass girlfriend and I don't, but I think she's using him."

Jeremy nods his head, "Totally, I mean Tom's my best friend, but he's a jerk."

Jeff starts to walk away, "Yeah he can be a total ass sometimes, come on let's go get something to eat."

Meanwhile, Angela and Tom are still holding hands as they walk down Seaside Boardwalk. Tom plays a bunch of boardwalk games and every time he wins something Angela grabs the prize out of his hand and says, "Thank you!"

After Tom is done playing all the games he buys tickets for the rides, "Now this is where the real fun starts." Tom smiles as he shows her the tickets.

Tom and Angela both go on the Swan Ride, which is a ride that has a bunch of two-seated paddle boats shaped like swans. As they both get on one of the boats, Tom lets Angela on first, "Oh, Tom you're such a gentleman!"

Tom then gets in the boat and puts his arm around Angela, "I'm the best gentleman there is!" then he kisses her on the lips.

The ride starts and Angela rubs Tom's shoulders. "You're so romantic Tom."

Tom smiles and reaches into his pocket, "You know we have been together for a long time now and I think it's time."

Angela sees Tom pull out a black box and opens it, revealing a big beautiful diamond ring, "Oh my God it's beautiful!"

Tom grabs her hand, "Angela Elvira Leonardo, will you marry me?"

Angela continues staring at the diamond ring, "Yes, Tom I will marry you!"

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