Prologue: February 1846

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 It is a cold winter day and Elsie Carter is looking out her bedroom window.

Elsie is the daughter of Louis Carter, she has long wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is a teenage girl who often spends most of her days alone in the attic, which is also her bedroom looking out the window to the ocean.

The Carter house is brown house with a high pitched roof and a small backyard with a canal leading to the ocean behind it.

Elsie's father, Louis has short gray hair and light blue eyes. His beard almost touches his chest and he is a little overweight. He has anger problems which causes him to get mad at other people for stupid little things.

Louis enters Elsie's bedroom quietly and sees her tears rolling down her cheeks, "I didn't mean to yell at you Elsie."

Elsie whipped her tears from her brown eyes, "Father, why did you yell, why are you always so angry?"

Louis took a deep breath and walked up to his daughter, "Elsie, I really miss your mother, she passed away after you were born."

"Father is that my fault?" Elsie turns around

Louis hugged his daughter, "No, Elsie you're a gift from God, it was just her time to go to heaven, that's all."

As Louis is cheering up his daughter he hears a knock at the front door. Louis heads back down the stairs to the door and turns to his daughter who is at the top of the stairs looking down at him, "Well that's Captain John Minturn, I got to go sweetie."

"Bye father, please do come home safely and good luck."

Louis answers the door, "A-hoy there Louis!" says the old man at the door with a wicker pipe in his mouth.

"A-hoy! Captain John, did you get someone to keep Elsie company before we set sail?"

"Yes, my dear wife will watch her."

"Good day, Mr. Carter" John's wife Sandra came in and stared at Louis with her dark brown eyes.

"Hello Sandra, Elsie's in her bedroom." Louis looked back and pointed to the attic.

After John and Louis ate a quick breakfast they set out to sail with thirty-eight other crew members for a few days.

"Hey Louis, I like you to meet some of the crew Demer, Stone, McArthur, and my wife's brother Agnes." said John as he drove the ship.

"A-hoy, Carter!" said the four men.

"We here all call each other by our surnames, but they call me Captain John."

Just as John was driving the ship, Agnes spoke up and pointed out to sea, "Look men, at that what is it?"

"It looks like a young boy." answered Stone.

John pulled the ship next to where the lad laid on a raft made of logs. "Young lad are you ok?" shouted John, seeing that the lad had tattered clothes and was lying face down.

The lad slowly fought to get up, "Not really, can you help me?"

The men used a large net to lift the young lad up onto the ship and slowly dropped him onto his back.

Louis knelt next to the lad, whose skin was as white as snow, eyes a deep purple and looked to John, "We must turn home this boy needs a doctor right away!"

John looked down and saw the lad looked very thin. "Alright we will turn back."

Agnes took off his jacket and gave it to the lad. "Here you go son."

"Thank you kind sir." The lad responded as he pulled the coat over himself, "Who are you kind sirs?"

Agnes points out the men, "I'm Agnes, this is Demer, that's Stone, and over there is McArthur." Then he looks down at the lad, "What may your name be son?"

The lad smiled, "Lucifer." Then he saw the shock on their faces, "No, I come to help you."

"But you're the devil!" one of the men spoke.

Lucifer laughed, "If you say so." Lucifer got up and went up to Louis and stared into his blue eyes, "So, you say you want Sandra to love you again?" he looked over to John then back to Louis, who looked confused about what Lucifer was talking about, "You said you would even let me rise from hell to have her back." Lucifer then grabs John and shoves him into the side of the ship's steering wheel causing one of the handles of the steering wheel to go through his heart, "Looks like you're the new Captain John, Louis!"

Louis tried to stop Lucifer from killing anyone else, but Lucifer hit him in the head and knocked him out, then he woke up in his house in his bed with Lucifer looking over him smiling with his big teeth, "Lucifer! What did you do?" Louis shouted as he pushed Lucifer away from him.

Lucifer sat down on the bed and rubbed Louis's white beard, "All thirty-nine people died from a horrific ship wreck, I saved you from it!"

Louis shoved Lucifer onto the ground, "Elsie!" Louis ran up to Elsie's room and looked over to the window, "Elsie!" but Elsie was gone and Louis was worried that Lucifer did something awful to her, "Where's my baby?"

Lucifer put his hand on Louis's shoulder, "If you're looking for your daughter Elsie the police took her to a safe place." Lucifer walked in front of Louis with a grin, "You're a bad father Louis, and you locked your daughter in the attic and abused her."

Louis picked him up by his tattered clothes, "You tell me where my baby is, now you demon or you will be sorry!"

"Why? So you can abuse her!" he laughed.

Louis threw him down on his back and fell to his knees and cried, "I would never hurt my daughter!"

Lucifer gets up and looks down at Louis, "Sure, try getting people to believe you, everyone saw the bruises on her, and everyone knows about your anger problems, Louis. I told them how you locked her in the attic and hit her."

Louis got up and ran out to find his daughter. When he found his daughter, she was living with Captain John's wife, Sandra. She held Elsie close to herself, "You're not getting Elsie you monster, that lad told me what you did to her!"

Elsie freed herself from Sandra's grip, "No it's not true, it was Lucifer, that lad is the devil!" She then stormed out of the house.

Sandra runs after her trying to stop her, but Elsie is too fast. So she shouts, "Elsie! Come back here!"

Elsie runs back to her house, goes into the kitchen and grabs a knife, then she goes into the attic, where she sees Lucifer looking at the window, "You, bastard, you're the devil, you made my father look like a monster!"

Lucifer turns around and laughs. "I'm a bastard? You're a bastard, you were born out of wedlock, and your mother is not dead, she's alive, your father lied to you!"

Elsie pulls the knife out and splashes holy water on it, "That's not true, why would he lie about my mother?" She walks up to Lucifer pointing the knife at him.

He sees the knife, but he just looks at her, "Your mother, Sandra Agnes wasn't married when she got pregnant with you, so after she gave birth, she gave you to your father and he played as if your real mother died, so no one would know that you were born out of wedlock." He looked out the window at Sandra and Louis who were looking for Elsie, "She then later married John Minturn."

Elsie then grabs Lucifer and stabs him in the heart, "Not, true demon!"

Lucifer falls on his knees and smiles up at Elsie, "You can't kill me, I'll be back and I will destroy the world, when each of my six pieces are awoken and put together." He then breaks into six pieces that disappear into six books.

Elsie runs over and picks up the books, "I have to get rid of these." She then walks down the stairs, then out the front door.

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