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"I have a surprise for you, Guk."


"Yeah let me walk in front of you real quick."

Daehyun and Junhong had helped Himchan paint and decorate a Little Room for Yongguk. When Yongguk's thought that Himchan went to pick up more hours, he was really at the new apartment with Daehyun and Junhong painting and accessorising. It was Daehyun's day off and Junhong didn't work so the plan worked out perfectly. Junhong agreed to help Himchan pay for the apartment for the first six months so they could live comfortably and get settled. Himchan had not only the room as a surprise, but another one in store.


Earlier that day~

"Yah! Don't spill that paint! We kicked Jongup out before, and I'm not afraid to send your ass to the curb too!" Himchan was painting the room with Junhong and Daehyun.

"Oh dang, your gpa can't save you this time can it?" Daehyun snorted and Himchan high-fived him.

"Shut up hyungs I'm helping pay for this luxurious apartment; I can make budget cuts," Junhong retorted and continued painting. The older boys laughed off his sassy remark and continued painting.

"So you're going to ask him tonight?" Daehyun asked.

"Yeah, that's the plan. Thanks for showing me those screenshots. I've been wondering if he felt the same way or not," Himchan sighed as he took out his phone.

"Anytime, hyung. I just want you guys to be happy, that's all," Daehyun smiled.

"Thank, Dae. Guys, we only have like two hours to get this room finished, so we should probably hurry," Junhong persisted and the other boys nodded in agreement. This was either going to make or break their friendship, but Himchan was willing to take the risk.


Current day~

"Close your eyes," Himchan said.

"Why? You know I hate things like this," Yongguk protested.

"Well, this is the last surprise. Come on; do it for me?" Himchan smiled and Yongguk rolled his eyes.

"Whatever, but if I get scared you're dead." Himchan led Yongguk, eyes closed, to his new room.

They stopped in front of the door. "So, do you remember when I said that I was going to make the extra room a study for us?" Yongguk nodded. "Well, I kind of changed my mind..." Himchan opened the door. "Open." Yongguk opened his eyes and gasped so loud that Himchan thought he hurt himself. Yongguk coveeed his mouth with his hands and looked around the room with wide eyes.


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"Now, I know you said you like dinosaurs, but we couldn't find a lot of decorations so I remembered that you said your second favourite was spaceships so we just went with that instead. I'm really sorry if you don't li-" Himchan was cut off with Yongguk hugging him around his neck tightly.

"This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done to me. Thank you so much..." Yongguk's voice was muffled though Himchan's shirt and his tears.

"Anything for you, Guk. But... that isn't the only surprise," Himchan smiled.

"What else could there be?! This is amazing! Nothing could get better than this!" Yongguk bounced on his heels as he urged Himchan to go on with the second surprise.

"Okay, okay. So I have a question for you."

"Himchan, just spit it out," Yongguk was practically on pins and needles.

"Do you want to be my boyfriend? Like officially. As in I take you out for cute dates after work and we stay in and watch movies and cuddle and when you're in little space we can colour and play games and go shopping and just spend time together! That's all I've wanted for a really long time and I get it if you don't feel the same way. We can find a way to not make it awkward because I can talk to Junhong and Jongup to see what th-" Himchan was cut off again, but this time with Yongguk's lips against his. It was a soft kiss, but it had passion all the same. Himchan wrapped his arms around Yongguk's waist and pulled him closer while Yongguk wrapped his arms around Himchan's neck. The kiss was deepened by Himchan and Yongguk followed suit. The two stayed like that until Yongguk needed air and broke the kiss.

"Of course I want to be your boyfriend, dingus. I've liked you for a long time too," Yongguk said in between breaths, "Show me the other rooms since you, Daehyun, and Junhong remodelled.

Himchan walked Yongguk to their shared room and Yongguk was in awe of that room too.

"A loft?!"

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"A loft?!"

"A loft."

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