Part 129*

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After the conversation with Pushkar, Shravan sat in the garden for a couple of more minutes thinking about the situation. Of course he wanted to protect Sumo's feeling and emotions, but he knew the importance of the case. It was a stepping stone that wouldn't only benefit Sumo and him, but also the population of females in the entire country. 

For years now, women in India had been suffering abuse from men. And raising a voice against one man was raising a voice against every man that daring to lay a finger on Sumo. Shravan knew that without a doubt, he could kill a man who would ever try to hurt his Sumo. But he also knew that there were probably millions of men out there who felt the same way for the person they loved. 

When you're in love, you would do anything for that person you gave your heart out to. But what about all of those girls who were yet to fall in love? What about all of those men who were too weak to protect their love? What about all of those fathers who worked hard day and night to give their daughter the protection they needed? What about all of those innocent girls who would easily be fooled by the disgusting tricks of men like Aditya? 

Sumo meant the world to him. But this fight wasn't her's alone. It was for every single girl out there who had gone through something like this. This fight wasn't against only Aditya. It was against every man who had dared to touch a women without her permission. And with this thought, Shravan had made up his mind. He was going to do this. Not just for Sumo, but for all the girls out there. 

He stood up from his spot, his confidence boosting, and made his way back to his room where the love of his life was probably waiting for him. 

He opened the door and looked around the room to find the bed empty and the bathroom lights turned off. He walked further in the room but found no sign of Sumo. Just as he was about to turn and head out, he was trampled by a light weight, capable of pushing up back as he fell on the bed. 

Sumo: BOO!!!!!!

Shravan found himself in a state of shock as Sumo ran from the closet and towards Shravan, attacking him, jumping onto him as he fell back onto the bed and with Sumo on top of him. Shravan wrapped his arms around her waist and opened his eyes to find Sumo smiling down at him. 

Sumo: (grinning) Good morning Mr. Malhotra!!

Shravan: Good morning Mrs. Malhotra!! I have to say, a unique way to greet someone in the morning. 

Sumo: You know. (putting her arms around Shravan's next) My mornings are only good when I wake up in your arms. So how can this morning posssibly be good? 

Shravan: (pulling her closer) I'm sorry Jaan. (kissing her nose) I had to talk to Papa and then I ran into Pushlar. 

Sumo: Not fair! You're going to have to make it up to me! (pouting)

Shravan: (smirking) Not a problem at all! I promise I'll make up for it tonight. (winking) How about that?

Sumo: (grinning) Sounds good to me! Now, if you would excuse me, my dearest Hubby, I need to get ready.

Shravan: Ready for some fun?? (winking) 

Sumo: Shravan Baby, open your eyes. We're back in India! Not Hawaii! Which means, work before fun! 

Shravan: (smirking) I don't know about you, but my work has become the most fun part of my day. Especially ever since I got this very sexy neighbor. 

Sumo: (smirking) Yeah, I have to admit. If PCT's kitchen wasn't warm enough for me, it's become very HOT ever since an new lawyer moved in next door! (winking) 

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