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Yongguk and Himchan had been back from Japan for a couple weeks and Himchan started to pick up more hours since the boys graduated. Himchan advised Yongguk to start looking for a job to help support them.

Yongguk had spent the whole afternoon looking for jobs near their new apartment that Daehyun helped the two boys pick out to move into after graduation. Yongguk and Himchan planned on packing up the rest of the dorm when Himchan got home so they could take it to the new apartment and stay there that night.

Yongguk had a lot of time to think about things with himself and with Himchan. He knew that Himchan was being a caring friend when Yongguk would go into little space, but that couldn't stop the feelings he had for his roommate. When Himchan decided to continue living together even after college it made Yongguk's heart grow fonder of the younger.

Trying to hide his feelings was getting harder by the day. Himchan and Yongguk have always been close, but ever since the older pronounced his secret the two have gotten so much closer. Now Yongguk never sleeps alone and always wakes up to Himchan by his side even if Himchan has been awake for hours. He knows Yongguk likes to wake up to somebody in the bed next to him. They go out and eat together and they shop together even if it's just for bread. Himchan knows Yongguk's favourite foods and activities both in big and little space. Yongguk tried not to confused attentiveness with romantic feelings but at this point the fine line that separated the two was now blurry. Yongguk shook the thoughts out of his head and rubbed his eyes. Himchan would be home soon anyway, so Yongguk put his laptop away to start on a snack for his roommate.


"Hey Yongguk hyung, I'm home!" Yongguk was sat on the floor with a bowl of strawberries and bananas for he and Himchan.

"Hey man, I made a snack for you before we start packing up the rest of the stuff."

"Okay cool sounds good!" The two sat on the floor of their very empty dorm and talked about work, jobs, and all the in between.

"Let's get started, shall we?" Yongguk got up and held out a hand to Himchan. Himchan smiled and grabbed it.


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