Malfoy Manor

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Description: You and Draco have been dating for six months. It's the spring of fifth year and Draco invited you to spend the two-week Easter Holiday with him at Malfoy Manor and you immediately accepted.

House: Slytherin

Blood Status: Pureblood

Warning: a bit fluffy : ) (Not that that's a bad thing...)

A/N:  Originally published in my other imagines book.

y/l/n = your last name; e/c = eye color


You walk arm in arm with Draco towards his gigantic, lavish manor, looking up and down, observing the large window panes and the dark stone architecture. The gate swings open before you and Draco leads you inside, his parents following you closely behind.

"Welcome to my home, my love," he says, looking down at you and giving your hand a gentle, loving squeeze. "I hope you like it here.  I certainly do."

"Of course I will, Draco," you reply.  He takes you by the waist and leads you past two large, heavy doors inside to the entrance hall and up the stairs to a massive drawing room with high ceilings and large stone pillars. You gaze over at the fireplace that already has a crackling fire in it.

"I will set up a room for you, y/n, " Mrs Malfoy says kindly, walking up to you from behind.

"Oh! Thank you, Mrs Malfoy! You really don't have to!" you say gratefully.

"Nonsense, y/n! It's the least I can do. I'm so glad that you and Draco are together!  I think you're a wonderful couple!  You're always so good to my little boy!" she replies with a smile. "And please! Call me Narcissa!'

"Yes. I am very glad that Draco found you. I was starting to worry that my boy wasn't going to date anyone whilst at Hogwarts, " Mr Malfoy says striding in and taking a seat in a dark, leather armchair. "I am especially glad that he found someone of your status. The y/l/ns have always been some of the most influential purebloods in the wizarding world. I expect nothing less from my son."

Lucius nods to Draco in approval, causing Draco to smile.  You roll your eyes in your mind. You mother taught you better than to hate people for their blood and praise people for simply being pureblood. Even so, you couldn't do anything to change his mind, and, after all, it is better to be respectful, especially since Draco arranged for you to stay for two weeks. Considering that one of Draco's most valued things in life, other than you, was his relationship with his parents, you decided it was best not to pick an unnecessary fight. 

Draco and you both sit down in a large, leather couch across from Mr Malfoy and you rest your head on Draco's shoulder.  He responds by wrapping his arm around you, pulling you into his warm embrace and you smile into his shoulder and telling you about all the fun you're going to have this summer.  After a few minutes, Narcissa comes back.

"Your room is already, y/n," she says. "It's directly across the hall from Draco's."

"Thank you, Narcissa," you reply, giving her a warm smile.

"Come on, y/n, " Draco says, pulling you up as he stands.  "I want to show you something."

He leads you up a flight of stairs and down a hallway and into his bedroom. A door opens with a small creak and he leads you inside by your waist.  It's darkly painted like all the rest of the rooms in the manor with a gigantic four-poster bed fitted with silk sheets and blankets. The room includes a huge closet and a bathroom off to the side.  He leads you across the room and opens two large french doors with crystal clear glass panes onto a private terrace where there is a large outdoor swing. You follow him and he sits down on it.  He pats his lap, telling you he'd like you to sit there.  You smile at him and gently drape your arms around his shoulders and sit on his lap willingly. You feel the swing rock gently under your weight and look out at the large garden.  Five snow white peacocks roam freely below and you let out a gentle sigh.  It's such a beautiful place.

"So, y/n. What do you think of the manor?" he asks sliding his hand around your waist and pulling you into his chest. You relax and lay your head on his chest and watch it as it rises and falls with his gentle breath.

"I think it's brilliant, Draco. You're so lucky that you get to spend all summer here. It's absolutely gorgeous," you reply.

He takes your cheek in his hands and tilts your head carefully upwards. Your gazes meet and lock together. You stare into his dashing silver eyes and he looks into your bright e/c ones. He leans in slowly and plants a soft kiss on your lips carefully. His lips are soft and warm and the kiss is absolutely perfect. He takes his hand and brushes your hair out of your face and tucks it behind your ear. You raise your hands and grab his black tie and pull you him towards you.  You two kiss passionately and Draco lets out a satisfied groan and you smile through your kiss.  He slides his tongue into your mouth and you let it mingle with yours until you give up and let him explore your mouth.  Your heart rate elevates and you begin to breathe faster.  Draco does the same and before you know it, you both are grabbing and groping roughly at each other's bodies with incredible lust and longing.  Passionate minutes go by and you two separate slowly, breathing heavily and feverishly and your hair and clothes messed up.  He rests his forehead softly against yours, embracing the moment.

"Have I ever told you that you're an amazing kisser?" Draco asks pulling the rest of your body in as close as possible.

"You may have mentioned it before..." you whisper as your eyes close slowly. "Hey, Draco?"

"Hhmm?" he mumbles, leaning into your embrace.

"Why are you with me? You could have had any Slytherin girl you wanted, but you chose me.  What makes me so special?  It's something I've never really understood..."

"Well, y/n. Let's just get this straight: I don't like you. I love you. Get it right, baby." He grins.

You giggle and wrap your arms around his neck and lace your fingers through his platinum blonde hair.

"You are for one, incredibly smart. You've never failed a class or gotten anything less than an Exceeds Expectations on any assignment.  I really don't know how you do it.  You're funny and you always find a way to make me laugh.  You're thoughtful and caring. Remember that time that Potter won that Quidditch match and I was upset?" You nod. "You sat me down and told me it was going to be okay. You found a way to cheer me up and calm me down. You should know, that's not at all easy, especially when it comes to Saint Potter. You're so good to me, y/n. I'm so incredibly lucky to have you. You're absolutely amazing.  You're the only one who really gets me.  You make me feel like I can be whatever I want to be.  You make me feel comfortable and I couldn't have my life any other way, love"

"Awww... Draco," you say giving him a big hug. 

"Oh. And did I mention your looks? You're also amazingly hot, y/n, " he added. "That's definitely a perk!"

"Oh!  You!" you exclaim as you blush and lightly push Draco away by his chest.

"What, y/n? It's a compliment, love."

"I guess you're right..." you say wrapping your arms around him again.

"Hey, y/n?"

"Yes, Draco?"

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

"I love you more."

"That's not possible, y/n.  I'm the one who loves you more," Draco smiles, pulling you back to lean against the back of the swing to watch the sunset from his balcony.


A/N: This chapter was 1,366 words. I hope you enjoyed! 

- Soiea

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