Leo x Reader

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Marcy's P.O.V

leo and (y/n) have been pretty close ever since they met witch was about 2 years ago. right now leo is training in the dojo and (y/n) is meditating. "hey Leo you seen Raph lately hes been avoiding me" i asked as i walked in "not now Marcy im bissy" Leo said "kk *T-T* by" i said as i walked over to (y/n) " hey you wanna come with me to go get dinner since Raphs being a jerk." i said knowing Raph was behined me "i am not being a jerk im just.." Raph trailed of "yeah Marcy lets go" (y/n) said getting up "wait (y/n) i need to ask you something... its important" Leo said taking  (y/n) out of the room as i leave being followed by Raph.

(y/n)'s P.O.V

"okay Leo whats up?" i asked as i walked in to his room with him. "um... i really like you like more than friends.. i was wondering if you would be my girl friend.. if you want to that is you don't have to" he said "sure why not... i mean your.. a grate guy er turtle." i said as i sat down "wait you really mean it?" Leo asked "would i ever lie to you Weo Leo." i said laffing at the nickname i gave him "YES SHE SAID YES!!"he screamed as he picked me up "god Leo comb down" i said "sorry" is all he said before he kissed me of coerce i kissed back.

best boyfriend ever


sorry for the long time without any updates Love's but i got a new book please check it out. thanx


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