I don't know how long has it been. Everyone seems to have given up on me since i'm still laying on the bench drenched in cold water. The rain is even stronger than it was last night, but that doesn't make me run for shelter. 

     It's still night time and i'm freezing. I can barely keep my eyes open since it hurts so much. I can't cry anymore, I guess I ran out of tears to shed. I rub my arm for some warmth, but don't get any luck.

     I feel a warm blanket fall on me and I clench it on my body. I look up and squint my eyes to see a head of hair being blown by the wind. I can't see much because of my vision. I feel myself being carried and I cover my face with the blanket and shiver.

     I feel so cold that I can believe i'm dead, but the cold air coming out of my mouth indicates that i'm still alive. Why won't I just leave and make everyone forget about me. Soon, Harry will find a girl who's more prettier than me, Karen and Geoff can adopt another daughter, Katy can find a new best friend, and there will be no more trouble happening around.

     I look up once I realize that no water droppings are hitting me. I see a girl with light auburn hair set me down on a comfy bed. She shakes her head at me as she takes off my boots and covers me with the bed covers. 

     I sneeze and the girl hands me a box of tissues. I open my mouth and she shakes her head. "I think you should rest. I guess you've been out there for a pretty long time and just by looking at your dark circles under your eyes, you haven't slept." The girl walks towards the door and turns off the lights. "Try to get some rest, okay?" She closes the door and I hear her footsteps disappear into the house.

     I get off the bed quickly and turn on the lamp as I see my reflection in the mirror. My hair is messy and wet, my eyes are bloodshot and swollen, my cheeks and nose are red, my lips look like there is no blood in them, and I just look plain tired. I wince at my reflection and turn off the lamp and jump into bed.


     I didn't realize that I drifted to sleep until I wake up with a sore throat and a pain on my chest. I feel a bit lightheaded, but i'm capable of walking on my own.

     I walk out of the room and see a girl with white hair smiling at me as she's clenching a towel around her body. She walks into a room and disappears.

     I don't remember seeing her last night. All I remember is being carried into this house by a girl with light auburn hair. She was strong for carrying me all the way to her house. I look around the hallway which consists of six rooms. One in each end and two on both sides. 

     I think I should go and freshen up before meeting the people that brought me here in the first place.

     After a few minutes of freshen up, I head downstairs to see the girl with white hair and the girl with light auburn hair. They smile at me and offer for me to sit and eat, but I just shake my head.

     "How did I end up here?" I finally say. 

     The girl with light auburn hair gets up from her chair and places the dishes in the dishwasher. "My name is Rebecca Dawson." I nod, but I don't care about her name, all I want to know is how I got here. "On my way home, I found you on the bench drenched in water. I decided to carry you to my home."

     "Thank you." I tell her and she smiles.

     "I'm Eliza Dawson." the girl with white hair says. 

     "So i'm guessing now that the rain has gone, you can go back home?" Rebecca says and I nod. "Well then let me get my car keys and we can go, okay?" I nod as Rebecca disappears through the doors.