Chapter 18: Sarah is sorry

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Author's note: This chapter is......very personal to me because it's (almost) based on a big (and painful) struggle I went through in high school. It was very stressful for me, but some of the stuff that happened in this chapter didn't happen in real life of course, but the chapter was inspired by my high school struggles. I hope you'll still enjoy it.


Hogarth is still sitting motionlessly on the ground while Sarah is still crying with her face buried in her legs. Cassidy, however, is in a different room in the shack, looking for something. ........I'm gonna go help Cassidy with finding whatever she needed. Hogarth thought. I can't stay with this @#$%# anymore. He got up and tried to walk through the door across from the entrance when Sarah quietly, but tearfully said, "I'm sorry..." Hogarth stood in front of the entrance motionlessly. Then, he coldly said, "@#$# off." He walked off while Sarah continued crying. "Please.......forgive me!" She cried out.

Hogarth walked into what looks like a messy storage room. There are tools everywhere on the ground and two closet doors on the left and the right. In one of the closets, Cassidy is throwing stuff out, mumbling, "Where the hell is it?" "Um...what exactly are you looking for?" Hogarth asked, as he got closer to Cassidy. "Tools?" "I'm looking for a telescope." Cassidy said, still tearing the closet apart. "I wanna find Peter and see if he's looking for us or if he's dead." "Don't say that!" Hogarth cried. "I'm not gonna hear that from anyone! Peter isn't dead! He HAS to be looking for us!" "Calm down!" Cassidy snapped. "Just.........calm down. I can't find a telescope if you continue freaking out." "Fine." Hogarth grunted. "But, what makes you think you'll find a telescope here??" "I recently found one with a broken lens, so I assumed that there's more." That's it? Hogarth thought. Honestly... "Please, Hogarth!" Sarah cried tearfully, as she suddenly walked in. "Please say something to me besides swear words!" Covering his ears, Hogarth frantically ran out the room, passing by an even more tearful Sarah. He slammed the door shut and slammed his back against it, gripping his hair stressfully. He banged the back of his head on the door despite hearing Sarah repeatedly cry, "Open the door! Please!"

Hogarth ran away from the shack, towards the fence, and continued banging on it with a crowbar. He screamed, "GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!" multiple times. He didn't stop banging on the fence. He had an uncontrollable urge to continuously to bang on the fence. He screamed at the top of his lungs, almost loud enough for astronauts to hear. "@#$#ING, @#$#TY, HELL, @#$%$!! AAAAAAGH!!!" "Hogarth, stop!" Sarah begged, as she suddenly appeared and tried to pull Hogarth back. Hogarth dropped the crowbar as he struggled to break free from Sarah's grip. He elbowed her in the stomach and broke free. He stared heatedly at a tearful Sarah. "What. In the HELL are you doing here?!?!" He shouted, grabbing the crowbar and gripping it in his hands. "I'm TRYING to have my #$#@ING PRIVACY!!" "H-Hogarth! Put the crowbar down!" Sarah pleaded fearfully. "Please?! I'm begging you!" "Go the $@#% away!" Hogarth shouted, his gripping hands trembling. "Plee-e-ease?!! Stay back! Go yell at some other $#!+head!!" "Hogarth... I'm not gonna yell at you!" Sarah insisted. "Put the crowbar down. Please....!" Hogarth didn't even drop the crowbar. He backed away until he is against the fence. "Please...!! Go NOW!!" Sarah slowly backed away. "I'm not gonna hurt you!" She cried, tearing up. "Please put the crowbar down!" Hogarth swung the crowbar near Sarah's stomach, repeatedly screaming, "#$@% YOU!!! #$@% YOU!!! #$@% YOU!!!" Sarah ran off, scampering towards the shack. Hogarth dropped the crowbar and fell on his knees, clenching his hair and crying uncontrollably.

Cassidy tore apart the storage room in the shack, making a complete mess. Why can't I find anymore telescopes? She thought. It has to be here somewhere! Sarah walked in, crying her eyes out.....again. Cassidy noticed her and asked, "Sarah, what's wrong?!" "Hogarth hates me!" Sarah cried, uncontrollably tearing up. "He won't forgive me!" "Oh, Sarah!" Cassidy cried. "I'm so sorry!" She hugged a tearful Sarah comfortingly. "I didn't mean to yell at him!" Sarah cried. "God, I never yelled at anyone anymore! And, it doesn't make me feel good at all!" Sarah buried her face in Cassidy's chest as Cassidy stroked Sarah's hair.

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