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I know a lot of you have been asking for this. Now your wait is finally over. I hope you all enjoy it, I know I did. 

You watched through your window as Orochimaru made his way to his lab. Ever since he returned to the Hidden Leaf Village, you had been dying to get an interview.

You had a reputation as a top reporter for a good reason. You were ballsy and went after the stories that no one else dared to. Orochimaru definitely fit your category.

You set up a hidden mic underneath your shirt and made sure to hide the wire properly. Looking in the mirror one last time, you tousled your hair so it was exactly the way you wanted it. Now was the time to strike.

You entered his lab and greeted him casually. "Good morning, Lord Orochimaru."

"Can I help you with something?" He asked indifferently and didn't look up from his work.

"I'm just curious, how are you adjusting to being back in the village?"

"That's not any of your business."

"Is it so wrong to be curious? I'm sure you must be finding some difficulty in your adjustment." You pressed.

He stopped what he was doing and shifted his gaze to you. "Why are you so interested in my life?"

"I just want to get to know the true Orochimaru." You smirked.

He briskly walked with intimidation towards you, causing you to back up until a wall blocked your retreat. His eyes pierced your soul. "You don't want to see what happens when people try to manipulate me. It never ends well for them."

You swallowed hard and the adrenaline began rushing through you. "I'm not trying to manipulate you. I'm just curious about you." Your breathing turned shallow.

"Really...?" He tore your shirt open to reveal the mic you were wearing, exposing your (f/c) bra that held you perfectly. "Then explain this."

Your breath hitched. You never expected him to find it, nevermind ripping your shirt open. You began to tremble slightly under his intimidating gaze.

"What is your true reason for being here?" There was a hint of lust in his voice as his attention shifted to bust.

"I'm a reporter... I wanted to do a story on you."

He placed a hand on the wall and removed the wire with the other. Once that was done, he leaned in close and gave you a smirk. "I'll give you a story." His breath was hot on your neck.

He licked your neck with his tongue causing a wave pleasure mixed with a bit of terror to wash over you. For the first time in your life, you didn't know what to say. Before you could collect yourself to think of something, Orochimaru began nibbling on your ear and slowly worked his mouth down your neck, kissing and biting as he went.

Your whole body reacted and you took a quick breath in. Your mind was telling you to push him away, but your heart and body didn't want him to stop. You tensed when you saw him bring out a kunai.

He placed the blade between your breasts and cut your bra open. He removed the fabric that hid them from his view. You almost wanted to hide yourself from his gaze as he studied you.

He chuckled softly but with an air of arrogance. "Not so bold now, are you?"

You did your best to regain your confidence. "You just caught me off guard!"

He drew close again and started pinching one of your nipples. "I'm just getting started."

You whimpered in pleasure and bit your lip. His touch was driving you wild and you felt yourself become wet from wanting him.

As he continued to tease you, he used his free hand to undo your jeans. He pulled your pants and undergarment off your hips until they fell to the floor on their own.

You pressed your thighs together out of reaction. He removed your bottoms from around your feet then used both of his hands to spread your legs. You provided a little bit of resistance but gave in easily.

Orochimaru licked his lips then put his mouth to your heat. You whimpered and bit your lip hard to keep from crying out in pleasure as he teased your clit with his tongue. You squirmed against the wall and felt your legs become weak but he held you up. Then he plunged his lengthy tongue into you. Your composure broke and you moaned loudly at the pleasure.

After several moments of torturous bliss, Orochimaru stood up and undid his pants and allowed them to fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and cast them aside with yours. He lifted you up and aligned himself with you as you wrapped your legs around his hips. Instinctively, you placed your arms around his neck and his mouth claimed your neck as he thrust into you.

You shrieked in pleasure as he filled you completely. When he started to move, you could not keep silent. All you could think about at this moment was how amazing he felt as he motions became harder and faster.

Your hips banged against the wall and your breasts bounced as a result of the ferocity he was displaying. You didn't care if the whole world heard you. You were at the mercy of this man and you were loving every blissful minute of it.

You felt the wave building as Orochimaru continued driving himself into you. Orochimaru bit your neck, causing yet another pleasured moan to escape your lips. The wave was quickly building and there was no stopping it. Each thrust became more pleasurable than the last until finally the wave came crashing down and you screamed out his name in ecstasy. You felt him harden more inside you and his release carried yours on further.

As the wave subsided, you remained still and panted. "Damn... If I'd known... that was going to happen... I would have... come by sooner..."

He smirked. "How's that for a story?"

You smiled back. You couldn't write the story now. You were biased. But, with the way Orochimaru had made you feel, you didn't care one bit.

Hope you guys liked it. I know I had fun writing it. Next up is Kiba Inuzuka and I have a feeling he's going to be just as fun to write. ;)

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