Chapter 31

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Ever since this morning, I'd had a feeling that something happened to Harry. He seemed sad for some reason, and during our first lesson, he wouldn't meet my gaze when I looked at him. It was now lunchtime, and I still hadn't had any time to talk to him. Sure, we did share all of our classes so I saw him like all the time, but that didn't mean I could talk to him. Whenever he exited the classroom, he disappeared. I even tried following Liam and Zayn once to see if he was with them, but obviously, he wasn't.

I was currently sitting at a table in the cafeteria, nibbling on a cheese sandwich with Eleanor on my side. Across the room, I could see Harry with Liam and Zayn, busy looking at his phone. For some reason, Niall wasn't sitting there but with Ed at another table. Speaking of which, I hadn't seen Harry and Niall together since this morning on the bus, which was definitely unusual these days. Obviously, I didn't like seeing the two of them together, but my curiosity was bigger than my jealousy right now.

"Lou, are you watching my cheerleader practice today?" Eleanor asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I turned to look at her, a frown written on my face due to my previous thoughts. "Sorry, what?"

She rolled her eyes but smiled. "I was asking you if you're watching my cheerleader practice today. I know you don't have practice yourself, so I was hoping you would."

I bit my lip, looking down at my barely touched sandwich. "Actually, I'm going out with my family for dinner tonight, so I can't," I explained, running a hand through my hair.

She pulled her eyebrows together. "But my practice starts at four. I'm sure you'll have time for both," she said, disappointment lacing her voice.

Looking over at Harry who had now started to eat his lunch, I let out a sigh. "Sure, but we eat dinner pretty early and my step mom hates it if we're not out on time."

A look of disbelief fell over her face as rested her elbows against the table. "Alright, whatever. It's not like I'm forcing you anyway," she muttered.

I looked at her hesitantly, reaching over to take her hand in mine. "Eleanor, I haven't said I don't want to go. I'd love to, but today I just can't, alright?" I said, trying to make her feel better, and by the small smile that crossed her face, I assumed I had succeeded.

To be honest, I couldn't care less. It was a lie that we were going out for dinner. The real reason was just that Eleanor's cheerleader practices were probably the most boring thing you could watch. The only thing the girls did was to either bicker or throw each other in the air. I'd rather go home and spend time with Harry than anything else, especially when I didn't have practice myself. However, she couldn't know that.

"Alright, maybe next time?" She asked hopefully.

I nodded slowly. "Yeah, maybe."

During the rest of the lunch period, I kept throwing glances at Harry. The sad part was that he didn't even seem to acknowledge me. He talked to Liam and Zayn occasionally but mostly focused on his lunch and phone. Something must've happened. Otherwise, he wouldn't act like that. He was always so happy and usually wore a smile on his face. I knew him better than most people did after years of knowing him... well, perhaps not personally but from a distance, and this was not the Harry I had come to know.

When the bell finally rang, I got up from my seat and threw away the garbage that was left of my lunch. After that, I departed from Eleanor seeing as we didn't share the next class. She gave me a kiss on the cheek as a goodbye, which she always did, and I just waved at her. To be honest, I hadn't even touched her with my lips ever since Harry and I started becoming a thing. It didn't feel right whatsoever, not even a kiss on the cheek. I only wanted to touch Harry, and that was it.

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