Dungeons and Dragons

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I gulped and read the text over and over again.

"I'm outside, you ready?"

Of course I was, but knowing there was a dragon waiting for my demise downstairs; had me scared to the bone.

"It's your own fault, Elisa," I whispered to myself and took a once over in the mirror.

I hope I wasn't overly dressed, sighing I tucked a few stray curls behind my ear whilst letting some fall around my blushing cheeks. I patted my green dress down, and smiled remembering how it was a gift from Amanda.

"Ugh, why am I stalling?"

I shook my hands and placed them on my burning cheeks, my pulse quickening as I thought about the consequences of my action. Even though he did deserve it, trapping me away from my freedom; yet I still couldn't believe I kicked him in his privates.

I sniggered and found the scene pretty amusing, it was the first time I had the chance to do such a thing, I covered my mouth to stifle a giggle, after all he could be waiting for me outside the door.

I tip toed in my flats and bought an ear to the door.


No, he might be standing outside without making a sound, I thought to myself and bent down,  looking under the door, no shadows or any sense of movement.

"Okay Elisa, here goes." I clapped my hands, "too loud you silly," I hissed and opened the door slowly. Holding onto my clutch as tight as I could and closed the door without making a sound.

"Phew," I whispered and turned suddenly on my heels.

I looked around the corridor, my eyes shifting left and right before I made my way, I sauntered softly on the wooden floor, hoping not to make a noise. I sighed, the house was quiet. Unusually quiet. For at times I would be able to hear Darius either working in his study or talking on the phone to his business partners or friends.

I still found it weird he had friends.

I huffed out another sigh and crept quietly down the stairs; the lights were on but still no sign of the dragon.

"He's probably gone out somewhere," I mumbled.

I took the last step and felt a smile tug my lips as I nearly waltzed my way out of this prison. My jittery hands carefully went for the lock as I slightly opened the door.

"Finally," I breathed out and opened the door.

Only for it to be slammed shut by a muscular, tanned hand, causing me to flinch in my tracks.

"Holy crap," I whimpered.

It was as though I could hear the rumble of his anger, as the door shut so did a part of my little freedom. I gulped and bit down on my bottom lip, as it began to quiver.

"Holy crap indeed," his honey dew voice tickled against my ear.

I clutched onto my bag, a feeling of dread washing over me. The lump in my throat ever growing through my fear. I turned around and there he was.

He stood over me, one hand casually by his side, whilst the other was over me. I was trapped once again. I slowly lifted my head, and gazed at him through narrowed eyes. I was too afraid to look at him, fearing what he may do to me, after all the first time I caused a misfortune on him was the reason why I was here.

What could he possibly do next?

His dark brow arched and I could see the muscles in his face contour as he clenched his jaw. Opening and closing his mouth as though he was thinking of what to say. He didn't need to; his eyes said it all.

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