Chapter VII.I: Pandora's Box: Dark Wraiths

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"Once Pandora's box is open there is no retreat or going backward. Enjoy the web and the ride."--Anonymous

The transport light faded away as the trio arrived in the familiar clearing. They were mere yards away from the shining hull of the S.S. Olympus, which beckoned them home with its vibrant light and familiar portholes. Cornelia had been eager for the soft and crisp feel of her flea free bed and steaming hot shower.

As they neared the ship Cornelia smiled to herself, in acknowledgment that she would be forever spoiled by her brief stay in the futuristic accommodations of the S.S Olympus. These amenities were among the many things, that once discovered, she could not live without. Despite living without them her entire life prior.

Cornelia's fingers itched to clutch her personal tablet and continue reading one of her new favorite books. Her new the story was from Hades' homeworld. He had been the one to introduce her to it. It was a bedtime story from when he was young. She didn't know until now how special that made the story. Her favorite character in the book was named Persephone. Apparently, she was his too. She smiled quietly to herself. She had to finish the story now. It was so special to him, so it was special to her too.

Compelled by her daydream Cornelia broke into a gleeful run towards the ship, her hair flying recklessly behind her. "I'll race you!" she shouted back at her companions. She was answered with a reckless chuckle and her and Hades were off. They raced toward the ship, as they did they lept over rocks and bramble pushing in a reckless competition to get to the front door.

They reached the door panting and laughing. "I win" Cornelia exclaimed proudly.

"In your dreams Corny!" I touched the door first.

"Lightning doesn't count!" She whined.

"In whose rulebook?" He chuckled winking.

With that the door to the ship slid up, permitting entry. They shoved each other playfully as they stepped inside. Only to be frozen in place by the blasting of sirens and flashing red lights.

"What ...the..." Hades yelled through the chaos.

Hercules whipped out his tiny little crossbow stood ready. His typically stoic features were contorted by concern and ferocity.

A new sound intermingled amongst the racket. The thundering of footsteps pounded hard on the metal floor. Hercules cocked the crossbow his eyes making a light sound as they focused on the oncoming footsteps.

Zeus careened around the corner. A silver bolt barely missed his shoulder. Zeus ignored the near miss. Excitement flooded his face when he saw them. He ran to them and gave them each an enormous hug!

"Finally!" He roared.

"What in gods' name is going on here?"Hades screamed.

"You have to go to Athens!" Zeus screamed back.

"What?" Cornelia asked shouting through the chaos of the sirens

"You have to go to Athens" Zeus yelled back stepping closer. Hercules walked to a control panel and slammed a couple buttons. The sirens stopped. All that was left was the red flashing light.

They all looked at Zeus expectantly."There was a theft." He explained sheepishly.

"A theft of what?" Hades said nervously.

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