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I'm Y/N. I was born with an ability called Psychometry. It's an ability which allows me to see someone's past by a physical contact or the object they owns.

A lot of people is scared of me because of this, in result... I have no friends. Even my family is scared of me. It wasn't something I can control. I never wanted to have this ability. But fate made me born in this world with them.

I'm 12 years old. I'm a new student. I'm walking around the school corridor, trying to find the principal's office. I try my best to avoid contact with other student.

After a while of walking I finally found the principal's office. I knock on it softly and waited. I slowly open the door as I heard a faint 'come in' from the other side. There's a middle aged woman sitting behind the desk. "Ah... You must be the new student. Welcome" she said smiling. I just nod. Being with no friends for so long turns me into a cold person. I don't know how to interact with others.

The principal gave me a piece of paper. It's the schedule. I scan the schedule to see I have English as the first subject. I look up to the principal and bow to show my respect. I turn around and walk out of the office. I begin my search for the class.

After a while of searching... I finally found the class. I opens the door. Every one turns their attention to me. But I just kept my head down avoiding their gaze. I walk down the lines of chair and took a seat at the back. The teacher arrives 10 minutes later and the class starts. I can feel pairs of eyes on me but I just ignore them.

The class was soon over and I make my way out. I head towards the cafeteria for lunch. I grab my tray of food and went to take a seat on an empty table. I sat down and starts eating quietly.

As I was eating, someone took a seat across from me. I glance up slightly to see a girl with blond hair. She must have felt my gaze, cause she looks up at me and smile "you must be the new student. I'm Gwen, Gwen Stacy" she said, reaching out for a hand shake. I just stare at her hand and look back down to my food. "Y/N..." I say quietly. She looks at me confused, but she didn't ask me any further and continue to eat her meal. She would constantly try to get me to talk. Slowly I begin to talk with her. She seems like a really nice girl.


It was the end of school. I'm walking out of the school. Then out of no where... I heard someone calling my name. I turn around to the source of the sound to see Gwen trying to catch up with me. I look at her confused as she bend down to catch her breath. "Did you just... run all the way here?" I ask. She looks up at me and nod her head, still out of breath. I'm confused... 'Why would she?' I thought, surprised. "Can I come over to your place? Maybe hangout?" She asks after a few minutes. I was surprise, first she attempts to get me to talk, now she said she wants to hang out. "Um... Sure" I say. Then we start heading towards my house.

When we gets there. I unlock the door and enters. Gwen enters after me. "It's so silent... Where's your family, Y/N?" She Gwen asks me. "I lived alone... My family is on the other side of the town. I moved here to be closer to school" I answers. She nods understanding what I say.

I lead her to my room. "Wow... Your room is quite nice" she said.

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(Just imagine it in your fav colour)

"Thanks... I guess" I say. I took a seat on my chair. Gwen took a seat on my bed. "So... What do you wanna do?" She asks. I just shrug... This is the first time I'm having someone over. She looks at me. "You don't talk much, do you?" She asks. "I don't have friends... I don't know how to act" I say looking down. "Don't worry... I'll be your friend. I'll teach you what friends do" she said. I look up and smile at her. She smile back "you should smile more... It suits you" she said. I smile softly.

As promised... Gwen taught me what's it like to have friends. We hang out a lot. She basically show me everything a friend would do. She naturally became my friend. Best-friend. I'm so happy to have someone like her.

2 days after that she asks me why I never had friends. I hesitate at first but then I show her my secret. I reach out for her hand. She was confused but she place her hand on top of mine.

I started to see her past. "Y/N?" She questions. I look at her. "You have a crush on a boy called Peter Parker" I say. She eyes widened. "h-how?" She asked. "Psychometry" I answer. She looks at me confused. "I was born with it... It allows me to see someone's past. From physical contact or when I hold that person's belonging" I explain. I expected her to be scared but she just grin "that was awesome!" She said. I look at her shock. "You're not scared?" I asks. "Why would I be?" She said. I slowly start to smile. I finally found someone who accepts my abnormality.

3 months later

I told Stacy that I have to go. I wanted to explore. I promised her that I'll come back soon.

She accompany me to the airport. I turn around and smile at her. Because of her... I can smile naturally. She makes me feel like a human for once. She refrain from giving me physical contact since I told her, if I use it too long it'll affect my health. So we just wave at each other. I turn around and left. Leaving New York for a long time. But I will come back.

See you soon New York.... Gwen

*to be continued*

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