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Both of our faces were inches away as he suddenly started to lean in.I couldnt take in on the moment but knew it was wrong because it was my first day here and I'm suddenly going to cheat on Jack.

"Daniel this is wrong". I said pushing him away.

"This can be one little secret come on". He begged but then the door swung open to hear all the boys coming in.

"WHO WANTS FOOD!!". Jonah yelled as Daniel throws his head back giving a groan.

Daniel Pov
I threw my head back knowing my plan didn't work.

"What are you guys up too?". Jack asked as Alexa stood up besides me.

"We just watched a movie nothing much.Anyways I'm going to bed night babe". She pecked his lips as I rolled my eyes in jealousy. I don't know why I was acting like this... Something about Alexa attracted me even though I knew her for one day.

"Ima go to bed too. Night boys". Jack claimed jogging upstairs.

"Awhh Daniels jealous". Zach laughed as I threw him a pillow.

"Haha funny.I'm still not stopping on what I want". I smirked getting up heading towards the door.

"Where you off too?". He asked and I put my keys in my pocket.

"As usual..... bar".

Alexa Pov
It was the next day and I woke up to a bright shiny morning. I got out the covers to a cold breeze hitting me. I wrapped myself around a blanket to be warm. I quickly freshened up and ready to go downstairs. As I waddled down quietly down the stairs, I heard giggling coming from the kitchen.

I entered but then being surprised to Daniel making out with a girl against the counter. I puked in the inside as he was squeezing her non existent ass.

" *cough* Morning". I said trying to see if they would stop and they did.

They pulled away looking at my direction. He smirked at me as I gave him a glare.

"Thanks". I said opening the fridge grabbing myself a morning snack.

"Who's she?". I heard her say.

"She-She's our new maid". He said as my mouth went wide open. I swear I wanted to slap some sense into him.

"Mr. Seavey, Anne asked what time does she have to be here right after when you're side chick leaves". I made up as her mouth dropped.

"You bitch". She slapped him across the face running out of the kitchen. He stood their shocked as I sat down on the kitchen counter.

"That's gotta hurt". I chuckled.

"I can't believe you did that". He laughed.

"I mean that's what you get for calling me a maid".I shrugged. He walked towards me standing between my legs.

"Being petty won't get me that easily, babygirl". He smirked.

"Being a dick won't make yours any bigger , dumbass". I winked.

"Babe are you downstairs?". I heard Jack yell from upstairs.

"UGHH! again?!". Daniel groaned as I got down.

"Well.....See you in the flip side Dani".I waved walking out.

I'm just going to let y'all know that this story wont have a happy ending :,) -j♡

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