"Howl Of An Angel"

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“Howl Of An angel”


Gregory V. Boulware


Just the other day, I was watching the political pundits throw rocks, bottles, and stones at one another. The silliness of their madness caused me to ponder over the dogma of the “he said – she said” rhetoric. I wondered why someone…anyone would back a candidate who blatantly tells you that he or she is going to take away your lifelong financial lifeline – namely, Social Security. Many working class people look forward to that safety net to help balance and/or alleviate the financial burdens of growing older (55 yrs. or more).

Watching, listening, and remembering all of the things that actually matter in this aging process. One would have you believe that aging is an honor, while on the other hand, a burden on society - the burden being money. How are we going to feed and care for the elderly? Do we do a bamboozling act on them by implementing the “Logan’s Run” theory? It might be easier on society’s coffers to eliminate the aging person by zapping them into oblivion at age 30 and convincing them to believe they are actually going receive a rejuvenation of life. The process would practically eradicate government money dilemmas.

Never mind the money collected from so-called ordinary working people – it is not (the governments of the politicians) theirs in the first place – it belongs to the working citizen who made the mandatory donation! So why is it that the average person is burdened with the responsibility to prove when, why, and for what reason they  need to access that money – which belongs to them in the first place? Why does the politicians and government have the final say over which American Worker deserves access to the benefit? Is it ok for the government and politicians to gamble with and/or invest your money whenever or wherever they wish – whether you approve or not? When have they asked for our opinion or permission?

Who is it that actually runs this initially intended Anglo-Protestant-Hippocratic-Puritan society of government (i.e., “We The People,” which people?) working’s that’s riddled with corruption, racism, envy, hatred, oppression and suppression? Are they truly manipulated puppets of evil intent? How many of us remember that Satan was despised and cast out from heaven? Do you remember what he supposedly said and vowed to do? You may recall the infamous line – “It is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven?” He made no bones about his hatred for mankind. He vowed to kill or destroy every man, woman, and child of humanity – “all of them by any means necessary!”

While he usually or never has a direct physical contact with the masses, others are at the behest of his directives and desire.

Rod Serling’s ‘Twilight Zone’ depicted one such possibility back in the late fifties into the early sixties… ‘The Howling Man.’ “One of the easiest things to do is to convince mankind the Devil is non-existent…to make them believe it is they who are in control of the universe.”   

…The weary rain soaked man stumbled upon the pathway to the door of the keep. He pounded upon the over-sized oaken doors with a weak and fumbled attempt. It was cold and dark. The heavy icy rain pounded down on the weary traveler to no end. He was sick. He needed shelter and warmth…now!

With all his might, he pounded again. This latest attempt proved more than the previous. A beard faced man with thick shoulder length hair appeared through the square door-peep-slot. The slot was high as nearly six feet. At eye level, he spoke in a strong yet stern voice. The eyes of the peeper were of a tired grayish blue. They were the eyes of what appeared to be an old hermit. He had with him a walking staff that bore a large hooked-shape top ending. It was like that of a sheep-herder…like the image of Moses in the movie, ‘The Ten Commandments.’

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