Chapter 1

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Melody's pov*

I slowly walked through the cold streets of Toronto . God I wish I was back home in Paris. with my mom and dad . Oh god sorry I forgot to introduce myself .
Hi my name is Mel Albert . I'm 15 years old and I guess you could say I ran away from an unfamiliar place . Alone I've been for years not knowing my parents or my siblings names . Just the slight memory of them crossed my mind at times. Your probably wondering how I got to Toronto. That's a story for another day. It's been a week and all I've been doing is just walking around looking  for somewhere to stay .

As I walk through an unfamiliar street I sit in front of a house with beautiful Christmas lights . I put my head in between my hand as small tears fall down my face freezing as they hit the snow covered ground. I lift my head up shivering at the cold wind that hit my face . I pull out the locket my mother gave me on my 7th birthday .


"Papa " I squeal as my my dad lifted me in my sunflower summer dress , spinning me around our living room .

"Oh my darling your getting so big now " he said as he set me down. I giggle as and run off towards the dining room numbing into someone and falling on my butt .

When I looked up I saw mum standing there with a beautiful smile . I smile back and let out a small giggle .

"How's my little sunshine doing on her birthday " she says picking me up and sitting on our red couch holding my hands .

"Amazing " I squeal hearing my dad chuckle behind me .

"Well I've got a gift for you " she smiled . "Close your eyes and hold your hands out" .

I do as told and soon feel cold medal on my hand . I open my eyes to see a locket necklace. I slightly gasp and look at my smiling mother .

"Open it dear" she smiles .

I open it carefully and inside was a picture of my mum and dad and me . And on the other side was a boy . A boy I didn't know . Id never seems before .

"Who's that " I ask my mom . She looks at my dad then at me .

"You'll know him when you get older . But for now just know him as peter " she spoke . Her quite soothing voice making my heart warm .

"Thanks mama " I say rapping my arms around her .

*end of flashback*

My breath shutters as more tears stream down my face .

"I" I quietly sing

"I hide my light inside a cloak of night.
Beneath a red scarf and a chapeaux "

"The pearl of my heart locked within a shell
too afraid to let it go, to let it show" I sing clearer now .

"And all the headlines read, for the whole world to see. A monster in Paris " I slowly remember the day the man with the black mask took me from my mums arms because I was a "monster" .

"I fall apart , I fall apart . Apparently I did appear , beneath the light- yes it was me .
A monster in Paris "

I remember the many houses and stores I ask for help and they laughed or kicked me out .

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