• chapter fifteen •

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Newt woke up in his bed the next morning with an unusual warm and happy feeling inside of him

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Newt woke up in his bed the next morning with an unusual warm and happy feeling inside of him. He usually woke up feeling tired and annoyed because morning wasn't his favorite part of the day.

Newt realized that the reason why he felt happy was because of the brunet boy that laid next to him with an arm laying lazily over Newt's chest.

He remembered that they had gone home to his apartment after the dinner to watch a movie. Halfway through the movie, they had gotten tired and Newt had said that Thomas could stay the night if he wanted. Thomas hasn't been able to say no to that and the two boys had "argued" about who should sleep on the couch even though they both knew that they wanted to share the bed with each other.

So they ended up cuddling in Newt's bed before falling asleep and now there Newt was, awake in his bed with a sleeping Thomas cuddling him.

Newt slowly moved his arm that was trapped under Thomas's head and huffed a little when he felt how numb it was after being used as a pillow all night. He didn't complain though because it was totally worth it. He'd do anything to cuddle with Thomas.

He slowly got out of bed and stretched his arms and back before walking over to his closet to grab some new clothes before going into the bathroom to have a shower.

When Newt got back to the bedroom, Thomas was still sleeping. He looked like a beautiful angel underneath the white sheets and his skin looked flawless in the soft sunlight that shone through the window.

The painter couldn't stop himself. He couldn't just leave the bedroom after seeing something so stunning. He placed a white canvas in front of the bed and put on his glasses before getting to work.

After a while of painting the angel that laid on his bed, Newt noticed that he started to move.

"Stay still, love," he said softly as he painted the last details. "I'm almost done."

Thomas sighed against the pillow, not complaining about not being allowed to move. "What are you doing?" he muttered in a tired voice.

"You'll see," Newt answered. His paintbrush made a few more strokes before he put it down and smiled. "Done! You can get up now, Tommy."

Thomas yawned before he sat up, rubbing his tired eyes. Newt smiled at the tired boy who looked adorable in his messy hair and big t-shirt that he had borrowed.

Newt turned the canvas so Thomas would be able to see. "What do you think?" He asked and Thomas stared at it with big eyes for a while. The painting of him sleeping looked almost real, but there was one thing he has changed. Thomas had white wings that rested beautifully on his back

"Newt..." He whispered. "It's gorgeous. A masterpiece. I don't know what to say."

Newt smiled proudly. "Thank you, my flower. You're just too beautiful to resist."

"How can you be so talented?" Thomas asked, smiling. "It's so beautiful."

"You're the one who made it beautiful," Newt told him honestly and Thomas blushed.

Should've named this book 'Beautiful' smh

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