A Hard Hit. Part 21

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3rd October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Rem's POV...

When Delia had managed to pull up an unknown program within the programs that Fai had downloaded into our accounts system, I was only slightly surprised. Mainly because I knew that the computer talent that Delia has shown in the past surpassd even my own as well as Jarryd who is more computer savvy than I am.

I might know a bit when making my way around the ins and outs of a computer program. But Jarryd knows how to tweek the programs and make them work for him.

But what Fai does with a computer makes us look like idiots. But then she has always admitted that what she has learned has been from that security team she raves on about, whoever they are. What she also admits to is that she uses the governments accountancy programs in her account business. Nothing else. Plus, they are connected to the ITA so that there is no taxation issue that might come up.

So, earlier this morning when that little alarm went off and Delia checked and found that it was someone who had tampered with the PC units that had been previously used by our late accountant and that there had been a 'blowout', as Delia called it, to bring attention to the programmer that something had happened which needed immediate attention.

When Delia looked into it since fai was not here, all sorts of foul words were coming out of Delia's mouth that I have never heard before. But before she could explain anything, Matt Waters, the head of security had come belting into the office letting us know that their team has extra information which unfortunately lead to incriminating Fai and her company.

I couldn't understand how the hell she would have been involved with our previous accountant and be doing what Matt has found she has been doing now. Not unless she decided to scam us after seeing how lucrative the virus could make her? I have no idea. But having Matt come and interrupt Delia when he did caused her to lose her train of thought as to what she had done and was doing.

Everything that was explained to us seem absolutely plausible. It really did and to be honest, I will admit that I was getting a bit pissed with thinking that I had been conned by a pretty face and a lucious body. One I have taken great pleasure in burying myself in one night some weeks ago.

That night scared the crap out of me with how much of myself I gave to her. I hadn't realised that I had already given a lot to her with how much time I was enjoying while spending time with her both in and out of the office. And I really did. So, having to find out that she could have conned me like she has caused me to question my ability to trust anyone I was close to. And it caused me to become angry... at myself.

Coming back to the office that morning to find that she had already been and gone didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was that Delia and the others had arrived from Perth, relocating here into a small group of apartments temperarily while they would search for something more permanent for themsleves.

Then with Fai being there when Delia and I walked in and being shocked that the two of the women had known each other was very surprising, as was the sharp set of words tossed at each other. With Fai winning which I think was usual of Fai I was thinking.

But, after that first bit of squirmish where the two of them slung off at each other there wasn't much that happened after that. At least, not in the office. I guess because Delia spent most of the time with me and we both avoided Fai whenever we could. I will admit that there were a couple of times when Fai got too close to me, but Delia had used that moment to make her presence known. It was uncomfortable there for a while.

Then this happened. It also did not help that Fai has been a little secretive a bit lately with her coming and going so it was understandable that she would be the suspect in this whole shitstorm of a mess with our finances and accounts in the company.

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