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Hello and welcome to this candid and informal interview of up and coming writer/author, of titles like, “The Spirit of The Soul and The Death of Morals,” “Hallow” and “Anthology of An Essayist, Vols. 1 & 2” Gregory Vernon Boulware. Mr. Boulware has published several books and a plethora of online articles that embrace a host of genres. Join us in this three-part entertaining and enlightening visit with this awe inspiring author.

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 Pt. 1

“A Visit with Mr. Gregory V. Boulware, Author”:


Hello and good morning to you Sir.


And to you Sir…as well.


Allow me to introduce to you all, Mr. Gregory V. Boulware, An Independent Self Published Author of Philadelphia, PA. Mr. Boulware has been published since 2007 while working for a Blue Bell, PA insurance company, when he decided to submit an article to a reputable online magazine.

Tell us about that experience Mr. Boulware.


Please call me ‘Greg.’ Since we’re going to be chatting for awhile, let’s not be so formal.


Certainly sir, we’d like nothing more than a simplistic comfort zone for the both of us.


Well, I was working as a ‘Database Insurance Analyst’ for an insurance company in Blue Bell, in a contractor capacity, when I wondered what would happen if someone hadn’t shown me how this all worked, you know, computers. The job that I was performing was basically updating and correcting data and information that was found to be in error. I was also diving for missing and lost data as well, hence the title, ‘Data-Miner.’ The performing duties where a multitask office position. You definitely had to know what you were doing in order to function in that type of job. What I mean is you needed a basic understanding of how informational systems worked. Many of the employees in this particular field have backgrounds as ‘key-punch operators’ or some type of cashier or office clerk training. But, the schools that I’ve attended taught a plethora of skills that limited or eliminated that ‘one-duty office task syndrome.’ I was taught nearly everything you needed to know in order to be proficient in an informational management environment.


So that all meant exactly what, Greg.


It meant that I was highly prepared to “hit the ground running” when I walked in the door! My formal education came to me a bit late in life. I was in my fifties when I discovered the information technology and management field. I was a (career) transportation professional for more than twenty-five years…and did make plans to stay in the industry. It was there that I decided to enhance my physical skills with that of some brain power. The only way to go and get it done was college. You see, back in the day, all you had to do to succeed was to know someone, work your way up from the bottom, and/or a formal education. If you had a baccalaureate degree, you were doing great…with an associate’s degree you did well there too. In fact, many folks only sought the associate degree because that was all you needed to get your foot in the door of management.


Is that what you were after, a management position?


Yes… Albeit, not at first. In the beginning of my transportation career, I was content with just being a driver. Oh yes, I was one the best damn drivers to ever bless a fleet. We had a lot of fun in those days. The job not only brought recognition, it brought respect to the playing field. The job was considered a highly skilled position. The driver licensing classification alone brought you to an elite status. You were considered the professional operator if your drivers license reflected a higher class than the average driver. I held a class-A license…and still do to this day. It’s an ego thing. It took many years of blood, sweat, and tears to acquire and maintain it without as much as a blemish for all these years. For me, it is an honor.

Anywho, upon my exit from the world of transportation, while attending collegiate classes, the world of information technology seemed to explode into view. I could see nothing more than a career in information management and technology. The enchantment with the rise and fall of transportation withered into smoke behind me as I got older and the supervisional doors became thicker, heavier, and harder to open. My driving days were over.

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