Falling for you

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After Jay and I competed to have the worst shower singing I wrapped a towel around my body and walked out to be face to fake with Shakira. (Yes I meant fake)

"What is this shit you were talking that you couldn't say to my face?"

"Um actually I didn't say anything I couldn't say to your face" I said with the same amount of attitude.

"All I did was ask if you had a boyfriend, you did not have to bring your whole crew in here and act stank just to ask me what I said"

"Bitch, who tf do you think you are?" She said with her hand on her hip.

Jay then came out with a towel around her too. " I know one thing you better not call her a bitch again. This my not be my argument but you are not going to talk to her or about her like that, she might be to nice to curse yo ass out or fight you but I sure as fuck will."

Shakira bit her lip I knew she would not mess with Jay. She just turned and walked away and her cliche followed.

"Thank you. you didn't have t-"

"Of course I did! if your gonna be my girl I have to be able to support you" she said in all seriousness making me blush like crazy

"Well thank you" I said following her back to the lockers and we both got dressed.

We were about to walk out but she stopped me.

"Can I have your number before we leave?"

I tried not to smile to hard "sure" I blushed

Jay: hey cutie

Melanie: 😊 hi

Jay: I never got to ask you ... Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or anything?

Melanie: nope I'm just chillen with myself

Jay: 😃 cool wyd?

Melanie: eating cereal and watching my cat run around the room

Jay: lmfao I read that wrong for some reason I thought it sound eating all the cat around the room

Melanie: lol! Of course you did

Jay: wanna play 21 questions?

Melanie: sure you go first

Jay: what was your first impression of me

Melanie: damn he's fine! lol I thought you were a boy as you know... How many girlfriends have you had?

Jay: 3. I love hard and I don't play games in my relationships I have never had a relationship last less then a year... Would you really date a girl ?

Melanie: depends on the girl 😏 what kind of dates would you take your gf on?

Jay: If I had a gf I would love to take her out and show the world we could have fancy dinner dates and activity dates but sometimes I would just want to cuddle up and show her how much I love her. We could watch reruns of old shows and laugh at the fact that we use to think they were cool and just hang around the house being silly and enjoying each other's company

I reread this message about ten times I could feel the butterflies fluttering in my chest. Great I have a huge crush on her now!

Jay: oh sorry I didn't ask a question... Have you ever dated a girl?

Melanie: no but I'm willing to try something new... Would you really have fought Shakira?

Jay: yes. because I really like you and she called you a bitch for no reason. Why don't those girls like you?

Melanie: me and Shakira were both running for something and I won so she hasn't likes me since and has been spreading rumors about me. Would you ever get dreads?

Jay: I've thought about it but I like my curly box and fade maybe in the future... How did you get so cute? Lol

Melanie: lol that is not a real question!

Jay: yes it is... I can't get your cuteness out of my mind... Do you have an Instagram?

Melanie: yep it's g0ldenunicorn (that's my real insta , follow me I'm Sarah)

Jay: what would you do if I kissed you ?

Melanie: it's my turn! Lol but I would kiss back. Do you have any animals?

Jay: oh really? 😊 and yea I have a dog and a cat they act like sister and brother lol

"Melanie who are you texting with all your smiling?"

"Maaaa !" I giggled "it's just Nadia!"

She laughed "you and Nadia have been friends so long" I remember when you two were four and you went in my make up while I was gone"

I couldn't help but laugh at that memory.

Melanie: yes 😊 and aww that's cute

Jay: so if I kiss you tomorrow you'll kiss back?

Melanie; yea 😳☺️

Jay: I'm gonna remember that

Melanie: lol whatever

We texted until late late at night all the way until I fell asleep at about 3 in the morning.

Damn I'm falling for that girl.

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