Chapter 1: Torture

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I stared at the star filled night. As it sparkled like it was wearing a dress filled with shimmering and glowing beads.

I stared down at my clothes and thought of every little tragedy that had happened to me. I was thinking so hard I did'nt even hear an order from Master.

"Hey!" A voice boomed as my head was slammed into the porch railing. My head was raised as ny Master pulled on my hair. The blood dripping down from my forehead, to my mouth and down into my neck. I was faced with a furious Master as I was punched. "I ordered you to change and serve our guests! Now go before I skin you alive!!!" He threatens as I ran inside, careful to not let people see me and change...

I got out of the room, went into the kitchen and started to serve the guests. My forehead still hurt but it was'nt bleeding anymore. As I gave the last cup of wine to a femake guest, I immediately walk to where the other maids (Slaves) were standing. They chattered together like nothing bad happens to them. It is true... They only didn't feel what I feel is because Master is a disgusting creature.

He never hurts them. And I am very sure it was because they looked better than me. I was the only one that got hurt. Even for the smallent, tiny thing. I'd get tortured almost to death. The only reason he has'nt killed me yet is because he needed someone to torture.

After the party, I was ordered to clean by myself all night, with no one to help me. I needed to finish this before sunrise. I started to scrub the floor, pick up broken glasses (which by the way gave me a slice on the finger) and started to organize the room for the next event. Sunrise came and I was finally done, before the Master awoke. Then, came the head maid. Or what rumirs say that she was the secret lover of Master.

She looks at me and makes sure that the place did'nt just look clean. That it was truly clean. She nodded in approval and ordered me to go and take a shower. Reason? Another event was going to take place and the Master and his family were meeting another family. I took a shower, got dressed in the clothing I was told to wear and started to prepare the tables, drinks and food even the flowers for the table.

I sighed as I stopped to clean the bar for a moment. I started to clean again, I scrubbed and scrubbed but there was still a stain stuck on the wood. Then, came Aiden. He was a butler. Unlike me, he was'nt exactly tortured. Like I said, I was the only one being hurt. He looked at me and chuckled. I glared at him playfully as he took the cloth from me and cleaned off the stain easily.

I stared wide eyed as he handed me back the cloth. We got along pretty well, especially as because he shared the same hatred to the Master like me. We would talk, but only on times we were allowed to, or we had nothing else to do.

As I thanked him, he nodded and did the tasks he was supposed to do. I fi ally finished my work and glanced at him. He was talking with a maid that was seducing him, but he kept pushing her away.

'What a ladies man.'

Then, a booming voice echoed along the room and all of us hurriedly ran in front of Master. His green eyes glaring at me. "You!" He pointed at me as my eyes widen. "Go back to the cages you little wrench!" I gulped as I walked to the cages, I looked back and saw Aiden giving me an apologetic look. I smiled a little at him and went on to the cages.

I began to hear footsteps, echoing through the dungeons as I sat on the uncleaned floor. As the sound came closer, a big shadow loomed over me. Revealing Master, he was holding a whip and opened the door to my cage. As he enters, a little whimper came out of me as his eyes turned more scarier than before. His eyes showing anger and his lips forming into a crooked smirk. He raised the whip above his head and down onto my body. It hit the side of my body as I tried to hold in my scream.

"You wrench! How dare you disobey my orders! You dare stop a single moment cleaning?! And I heard from a little birdie that Aiden helped you! I thought I said NO ONE SHOULD HELP YOU!"

He boomed as he hit me again. As he went outside and grabbed something, it revealed to be keys. As guards arrived and helped him carry me to the chains on the wall, I did'nt try to fight back.

They cuffed me in as soon as Master unlocked the cuffs. I was left there, hanging from my arms almost looking like my little arms would pop off of my body any second.

As Master took out chains, my heart started to beat faster. He swung the chain multiple times and left bruises all over my body. As I looked back at his face, I could tell he still was'nt satisfied. His smirk got bigger as he got out a whip with nails stuck into them. I never have seen this before.

Maybe he really wanted to just end me now. 'I never knew I would die this early' I closed my eyes waiting for the impact as soon as he raised his hand above and...

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