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"How long?" Lahlani questioned staring at Nathan with red puffy eyes from her crying earlier

Taking his eyes off the road for a split second looking at her then turning back to the road he says, "I'm sorry bella, what?"

"How long? When did I supposedly loose or block my memory cause I'm not sure I've been trying real hard to think about what it was but I just can't put my finger on it."

Nathan's lets out a sigh looking at her before once again turning back to the road.
"Well, Lilly was the first one to find you it was at your baby shower. Your ex's brother and his mother decided to crash it I don't know what happened I was not there. I don't know what was said but I do know that what ever the did say it must've pushed you over the edge. It pissed me off that he even had the nerve to do that after what he did earlier that day I even warned him if you wouldn't have broken us up I probably would've killed him. I'm sorry I know that sounds bad but I was just so.. So angry; I wanted to kill him. But I know I would've regretted because he is not worth me spending me doing time in prison away from you and the twins. I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

"Lahlani, what did David's mom and Cam say to you?"

The night of the baby shower........
Third person...

So have you thought of any names?" Shanna asks staring down at Lahlani's huge bump smiling.

"Um yes but I am just not sure. Lilly seems to think that its easier for me since I am having both a boy and a girl but I think not. If anything I think its twice as hard."

"Luxuries of being pregnant. This was so unexpected."

"What do you mean?" Lahlani asks furrowing her eyebrows in question. Wondering what she meant by it.

"Well, I mean you are the youngest of us 4 and you were always so dedicated to what you did. I didn't even expect for you to get married so quick. But no shade though I love seeing my girl happy. But is it worth it?"

"Is what worth it?"

"Getting pregnant at 24 and settling down. I mean I know you first got settled down with dav- your ex. But this is different. Is it worth giving up the next 18 years of your life so young?"

"Honesty, yes. I couldn't be any happier than I am now. And Nathan well he is just a very big bonus. I've always really loved children sure I'm young but what does that matter. It's not like my life was going anywhere before. Why so many questions?"

"Well, if you must know your apparently guy best friend, Xavier. Has been trying to convince me about making a baby. It was hella random too. He just brought it up one day and now its like it's glued to his mind now. We are not even engaged. Again no shade but seriously Xavier is doing way to damn much." Shanna chuckles out causing Lahlani to laugh with her.

"You disgusting 2 timing whore!" A screeching voice shrieks causing chills to run down Lahlani's back just at the sound of the voice. Sounding a tad bit familiar.

Reluctantly she slowly turned around to see who the rude woman was.

"Who the hell?" Shanna shouts as the fell room quite.

Realizing exactly who it is Lahlani stands up straight seeing the 2 people. Feeling the anger rise in her.

The nerve. She thought to her self as she began to walk towards the woman.

"Excuse, me?" Lahlani glares taking a step closer now only standing about 2 feet away from the woman.

"Tell me Lahlani. How have you been. I mean I truly want to know."

"Well, great before you got here, but being that you are now here well I think you know the answer. Why are you here? Cause I know for certain that you were not invited." Lahlani glares.

"Wow, I knew you got around Lahlani but wow. You deserved those beating from David, having an affair and not only that but you also got knocked up I see why you were beaten everyday this is how I know I raised my babies right." The woman spits.

"You must've found you a rich man. A baby shower? At a damn art gallery. You must've scored bi-"
"You've got about 10 seconds get your tired broken down Junkie ass out of here!"

"And just what are you going to do? Huh? You were better off in a coma. You most certainly weren't raised right, figures. You kind of people. Must've got it from your mother." She spits catching Lahlani's attention at the mention of her mom.

"I know, I didn't just hear that come out of your mouth!"

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