He's Our Family Too

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2nd Person POV

"Hey there, Hot Stuff, how's Montreal?" his blurry face on screen flashes a smile at you. For you, it is one in the morning, but for him, it is seven in the evening.

The screen freezes up with Harrison walking into his small bedroom and closing the door behind him, just so Tom couldn't hear yours and his conversation. He also made it very clear to Tom to not eavesdrop on your guy's late night talks.

His arm wraps around his stomach, "I am very tired and I really want some cake right now." In a quick moment, Harrison runs and jumps onto his bed, landing softly on the mattress. It made you laugh. "Today, Tom made me run across the set at least five different times, because he kept forgetting little things."

"Oh!" you clap your hands and point at the camera. "Did you get me the signed pictures from Nick Jonas and Daisy Ridley?"

Harrison playfully rolls his eyes at you, and throws his phone down on the bed. A couple seconds later, he grabs his phone again and shows you the signed pictures of them. "You have no clue how embarrassing it was to ask them to sign pictures for you. I told them if was for my girlfriend and that she was a big fan, then I made really awkward small talk."

"Awh, you poor baby," you playfully coo, pouting your lip out a Harrison. He mirrors the action, but also gives you his big, blue eye stare that you love. "How many more months until we can see each other? I really miss your kisses, and hugs, and . . . some other things." Your eyes drift away from the phone screen and a sad smile forms on your lips.

"Hey, look at me," his voice changes from playful to more serious. Your eyes float back to see Haz again, he's laying back down in his stomach on his bed, like you are on your bed, and making silly faces. "Tom has filming for two and a half months, which will fly by in seconds. Besides, you won't be thinking about me when you fly off to Jamaica tomorrow morning."

"Yeah I will," you smile shyly. "I'm going to be stuck on a eight to nine hour flight with my older brothers, and one of them is bringing their girlfriend! So I'll be stuck with Finley and my parents the entire ride there!" Technically, you only have one older brother, because Finely is your twin brother. He was still born first though. Hugo is your actual older brother, he's the one bringing his girlfriend to Jamaica with your family.

"Finley isn't that bad," Harrison smirks. You give him the biggest eye roll, because you two both know that Finely loves to prank and tease you about every little thing, especially when Haz is around to see them. "Will you bring me back something from Jamaica, like a stuff animal of a dolphin? Wait, will you be swimming with dolphins?"

You brush a piece of hair back behind your ear, laughing quietly to yourself. "Yeah, but it's just me though. My parents are having a spa day with Hugo and his girlfriend, Finley doesn't care for dolphins, so he'll probably be at the bar hitting up some girls, then I'll be all alone."

"You deserve to have a spa day too, you know," Harrison smiles. "I know how much you've been studying at University and I bet cucumbers on your eyes will be very relaxing."

"It will make me smell like a salad!" You scrunch up your nose at the thought of vegetables on your face. Not your ideal spa day. "I'll find you a dolphin though, he'll be bright blue, like your eyes, and hopefully rather large. Large stuffed animals are the best kind of stuffed animals."

"Yes, I can see the giant alpaca plushie behind you on your bed." He laughs, reminding you about your past birthday present from him, the giant alpaca. "I'll let you sleep though, good night, Darling."

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