chapter three

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     The rest of the day flew by with Hunter sitting by me and helping me ignore any of Lucy's abuse.Luckily she didn't try to harm me again which helped with the whole sore ankle thing and all. When the final bell rang Hunter and I stayed back a while and let everyone else go out before us, which is what I did anyway. I remember one time when I tried leaving early and everyone just pushed me back and forth until I was the last to leave. Never have I tried that again.

     When everyone left we headed out the door and outside to where everyone was hanging out near their cars. Without warning Hunter stops and spins to face me, which makes me smack right into his chest. Once again it felt like hitting a wall so I knew he must have some form of muscle under that shirt of his. Anyways...

     "Hey, would you like a ride home?" Hunter asked as I tried to recover. Obviously it didn't hurt him, which was sort of expected. But after a moment what he asked sank in.

     "Oh, umm no. I can walk from here. My house is like ten minutes away, I can totally walk. But thanks for the offer." and with that I tried to slip away so I would't have to see his gorgeous face any longer.

     "Wait! Are you sure. I mean it looks like it's about to rain and I wouldn't feel comfortable knowing that you were out walking by yourself," he replied catching up with me and throwing a cute smile my way, which happened to make me blush a crimson red. I tried looking away from him and just continue on my way but his eyes caught mine and I just stood there for a moment.

     Before I knew it I was in the passenger seat of his truck and we were driving down the road toward my house. Not even thinking about Jack at the moment and how he would react to me being with a boy, all I could do was stare as the side of Hunter's head. Even from the side he looked amazing! But what am I thinking! I could never date him, it would make me lose focus on my school work and then I wouldn't have a way of escaping Jack.

     With that thought I quickly came to my senses and told Hunter to stop the car.

     "Is this where you live?" he asked as I climbed out of his truck. All I could do was nod and then slam the door. I could feel him staring at me as I walked up the sidewalk and onto the porch.

     Right before I opened the door I turned around and waved, hoping he would drive away. Luckily he did and I braced myself for what was coming next. Slowly I opened the door and stepped in. Jack was no where in sight but I could hear him snoring. I took this as a good sign and slowly and quietly made my way over to the stairs. Placing my foot gingerly onto the first step I began to put my weight onto that foot until a small squeak sounded throughout the room.

     All I could do was hold my breath and pray that I hadn't woken Jack up. I waited a second and then heard his snoring sound again and I began going up the stairs once more. When I was half way up I thought I was going to be clear until a book slips out of my backpack and fell with multiple thuds all the way down the stairs until landing on the hard wood floor with a loud thwat. As soon as it happened I heard Jack wake up with a string of profanities and I quickly ran down the stairs, picked up the book, and then back up the stairs.

     Sadly as soon as I hit the top stair Jack appears from his room with anger filled eyes. Automatically I know that I wasn't going to be sleeping tonight, and I was right. Jack came barreling down the hall toward me as I stayed frozen in fear. Without warning Jack pushes my shoulder as hard as he can sending me backwards down the staris. I land hard on the wood floor as the wind is knocked out of me with a grunt.

     For a second all I can do is sit there and try to clear the dots that are appearing in my vision, but I don't have time. Within seconds Jack is standing over me and glaring down at me as he holds a beer bottle in one hand.

     "What do you think you are doing making so much noise down here? And where were you all day?" he said as he throws the beer bottle at a wall, smashing it into a million pieces. I could feel his anger radiating off of him and it scared me.

     Using both hands he picks me up by my shirt and throws me against the same wall as if I was a rag doll. Again all the air is knocked out of me and I just sit there wheezing. I can feel the glass shards of the beer bottle poking at my skin and can feel pieces that are embedded into my hands from my harsh landing.

     In two strides Jack is standing over me again and begins to kick me repeatedly in the side as I lay there in a giant ball. I have been through this so many times that I know not to cry out and to not move or else he will just continue. After a couple of minutes Jack gets done with his abuse and walks into the kitchen to get a new beer. I take this time to gather my things and run up the stairs; ignoring the pain that shoots through my body at every step I take.

     When I make it to my room I quickly shut the door and lock it. I then move my desk in front of it for safety. All I could do was lay on my bed and try to breath calmly. I think back to when Jack wasn't this mean. The times when my mom was alive and well. A time where my life was actually good.

     A couple hours later I wake up still on my bed and find that I am even more sore then I was before. Slowly I make it to my bathroom and I begin to asses the damage. I had giant blue and purple bruises all on my stomach. I also had a medium size bruise on my neck from when I fell down the stairs.. I guess. I tired not to look at my bruises for too long and begin to pick the glass out of my arms. I would have to wear a long sleeve tomorrow, maybe it would rain again so I wouldn't look too stupid.

     Finishing with the glass I got into the shower and tried to wash out all the pain in my body. The hot water was working a little but I was still going to be sore in the morning. When I was done I changed into comfy clothes and then went and laid on my bed. For hours I laid there and I couldn't go to sleep. Eventually my alarm went off and I quickly shut it up before Jack heard it and went on another rampage. Like I had predicted I didn't get any sleep besides when I passed out right after the abuse.

     I knew that I was going to HAVE to go to school if I wanted to get a scholarship so I pulled myself together. Slowly I got dressed and then applied enough makeup to cover the bruise on my neck. With that I grabbed my bag off the floor and slowly climbed out my window as I held my breath from the pain. Eventually I made it to the ground. For a moment I sat there to catch my breath again and I looked up. Luckily the clouds looked liked it was going to rain again, which meant that my choice of clothing wouldn't look as stupid since it usually got cold when it rained.

     When I finally could breath again I began my walk until Hunter pulled up beside me. All I could think was please don't notice my pain!


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