Ziam One Shot

Tonight's the night... The night he tells Liam he loves him.

It was the last night of their Take Me Home Tour and Zayn was a nervous wreck. He has had a crush on Liam ever since he first met him. He couldn't keep his eyes off of him. He loved how his hair was styled perfectly, how he sang, how he looked, everything. Tonight he was finally going to tell him so.


The other boys already knew of his obsession with Liam and when Zayn told them about his plan, they agreed to help anyway they could.

Zayn waited until they sang their last song of the night. He then walked up to Liam and grabbed both his hands. The other boys ran off the stage, leaving only Zayn and Liam.

Liam had a look of confusion on his face as Zayn grabbed his hands.

"Liam," Zayn spoke.

"From the moment I met you, I knew you were special. I couldn't keep my eyes off of you. I always got a strange feeling around you. I later realized what that feeling was."

Zayn hesitated. "It was love."

Zayn then looked directly into his eyes.

"Liam I have loved you ever since I met you. I love everything about you. I


He was cut off by Liam pressing his lips to his. He was surprised at first but soon melted into it. They pulled away, breathless. The crowd erupted into screams and shouts and the chanting of, "Ziam, Ziam, Ziam!"

"I love you too," said Liam.

A Giant smile made its way onto Zayn's face.

"But thers one thing I have to ask."

Zayn's face fell slightly.

"Would you do the honor of being my boyfriend?"

Zayn's eyes lit up.

"Of course," he said

They then shared another passionate kiss, and the crowd went into another fit of screaming and chanting.
So guess what?


Did you miss me? Sorry for leaving unexpectedly but ish came up.

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So how did you like this one shot? I'd say it came out pretty well. I'm thinking about doing a part 2 with . . . Smut!! Yaaaaaaay!!

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