Chapter 16

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            It was the day of the graduation party.

            "This is going to be fun!" Alice squealed and I rolled my eyes. Emmett, Carlisle and Jasper were watching the new. Rosalie was helping Esme cook and Bella and Edward were who knows.

            "Do you think Seth will be able to come? I mean Bella did invite Jacob" I said and Alice nodded

            "You should text Jake and ask if he'll bring Seth" Alice suggested

            "Didn't think of that. I'm a dork"

            "You said it not me" Alice said with a laugh. I playfully pushed me as she finished putting out desserts onto a table.

To: Jacob Black

Hey, are you still coming to the party tonight?


From: Jacob Black

Yeah, why?


To: Jacob Black

Would you please bring Seth?


From: Jacob Black

I was actually planning on it. So no worries. You guys are using protection right? Lol


To: Jacob Black

OMG shut up we have not had sex okay. lol gosh

From: Jacob Black

Lol whatever you say Lacey. Well, gotta go patrol, see you tonight


            Alice saw me smiling. "What?" She asked and I showed her the text messages and she just laughed

            "Ohh wow stupid Jake" She said. After Seth imprinted on me she actually now likes Jake. He has come over to the house a few times to hang out.

            "Alice this is a great party" People squealed and she just smiled and said thank you.

            "Hey, I'm going upstairs to get something I'll meet you downstairs" She said so I nodded and walked downstairs. I went towards Bella and we started talking

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