Unexpected Visitor. Part 20

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3rd October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

I had been moving about for a week now. Small movements that didn't pull on any of the incisions where I had my mastectomy. I won't say that it didn't hurt like a bitch because it bloodywell did. A lot.

At least I don't have the catheta anymore. It was getting beyond being irritated that I had the thing inserted. But they wouldn't remove it until yesterday. Since then, I have had to get off my arse and get myself into the toilet to relieve myself now. It didn't help that i still had a canula inserted to provide me with liquids and that damn thing makes me want to piss every sincgle hour on the hour.

So, getting up and down was something I had to learn and learn it very quickly.

Today was the first time I had been up for any considerable amount of time and with a couple of nurses help, I was finally able to have my first shower in over a week. Even if it was while I was sitting on a chair. But I needed it. I was getting annoyed with the blanket baths I was having every morning.

It just wasn't the same as a proper shower or a bath.

It was just before lunch when the door opened and someone came in. I thought it was a nurse. I had been sitting on a lounge and looking out the window and across the gardens to the far side of the hospital. I can see what looks like an ampithatre and a stage that was over and above what looked like a large kids playground. Or a playground that was designed for both kids and their parents.

It must be the kids hospital all the way over there. Hopefully, I will get an opportunity to walk out and find out for myself. But that will be only with me in a wheel chair. It was the only way I will be getting about in the forseeable future. But I was enjoying the view when the door opened behind me and a few moments later someone cleared their throat to cath my attention.

Turning my head slowly, I saw with a smile that it was Richard who was standing there with a short and slim dark haired woman standing beside him.

" Hello. I hope you don't mind that I came with Richard. My name is Emma. It's nice to meet you Fai." The lady said as she introduced herself.

I remembered Richard saying that his wife had breast cancer at one point a few years ago. Maybe that is why he brought her along.

" Come. Grab a seat." I said to them both with a smile as I slowly waved them to a chair or two.

Richard grabbed the chairs and brought them closer to me so we can all see each other and have a chat.

" So I can assume that the operation was a success?" Emma asked me with a gentle smile.

" Dr Palmer said he was very confident that he got it all. But he had to take everything though from under my arm and down across my chest." I said to her. She started to get a frown on her face when I mentioned what had been done.

" Why so radical?" She went on to ask me with that frown on her face.

" In the hopes that I won't lose my baby. I'm just over eight weeks pregnant." I said to her softly, watching as her eyes widened.

" You are pregnant? And you have this surgery done?" She asked me in horror.

" I had to. I was at catgeory two, stage two and it looked to advance to invasive stage three at any moment. So I chose the best way to remove it with the highest chance of survival for my baby. Not that it was actually guaranteed to be successful. But it was the only route I could choose." I said to her in a tired voice as I rested back against the lounge I was on.

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