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Pen Your Pride

From Obsession To Love

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***(((Hey guys, this is my first story that i ever will submit so respond and tell me opinions because i am open to all kinds of criticism .This story may have some parts found inappropriate or perverted but if you have to read it just to find it is your own fault for any damages done to your mind.))) Thanks to all who read it.

I could feel him inside of my mouth. All I could even manage to say weren't even words, they were more like me panting from the intensity of the heat our two bodies made together. Yet his sounds were more him growling as if this would never be enough to satisfy his urges or hunger. His hands started to roughly grip and tighten on my hips like he was a spider wrapping me tightly into his webs, waiting to sink his poisonous fangs into me. Just then he moved on from my lips down to my neck and started to suck lightly on it, telling me,-do you want more?- so i let out a moan amd whimper in agreement and couldn't even hope to hold it in anyway as his teeth sunk deep into my neck, turning a bright crimson red like he had just sprung loose a river of blood.

Tell me if i should continue this and any other opinions about it. This is just a sample for all of you to see, read, and tell me what i should do. Akrximay and Terribly better respond or else.......... Face the Consequences don't forget we go to the same school........"evil grin"b

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