The Final Results

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Dear All,

Yes - the results are finally here! We know there have been many anxious people awaiting these results... so we won't blabber on too long!

Thank you to everyone who got involved, making this our most-voted year yet, and congratulations to all the winners. (The sticker will be sent to all the winners over the coming weeks. To fast track this, winning authors can message us [requesting for the sticker] to get it sooner!).

The Results

All books listed below are winners. (They are in no particular order).

-Best Action Story

Catching His Queen by something_hopeless

The Fight For Survival by trinitystories_xo

The Shy Girl Has A Gun by makeandoffer

-Best Adventure Story

Million Dollar Man by something_hopeless

Frenemies by qu_elsnap

Last Resort by ZeroWineThirty

-Best ChickLit Story

A Waltz With Wolves (Under New Management) by ceaselessmind

Kisses and Other Necessities by rainbowbrook

Jake the panty-ripper by KanyeInterruptedMe

-Best Fanfiction Story

Every Little Secret | BTS by Taelynie

The Seven Wonders | BTS Fanfiction by CrazyGirrrrl

My Killer (18+) by Igotbangtan777

-Best Fantasy Story

The Water Weaver by hrhamilton

Bereft: Demise by rentachi

Smoke And Mirror by TabbyMax

-Best General Fiction Story

The Girl Who Stole My World by WhiskeyQueenn

A Mob Boss's Heirs by royal888

Virtue And Vice by ninyatippett

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